Friday, November 30, 2007

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About the finished piece

For my best friend Maggie.....

Those orange beads are hollows that I made. And yes you make me blush - thank you for the wonderful comments.

That glass is from rods that are pulled in India and nobody seems to know much about it. It is rather cheap and shocky and can be very dirty. I'm not keen on it, but when I etched them they looked rather cool and everyone loves them. Go figure!! LOL

Finished piece

Monday's Sunset

Friday, November 23, 2007


Did I tell you we got a call to appear in the principals office!! I don't think it is about our champagne and all at the concert but where Brad is going to be next year. Don't you just hate the principals office. Feels like being back at school all over again. LOL

Today was rather hectic and after a rought start it has ended up with every muscle in my body screaming in agony. Don't ask!!!

I have a crazy but fun weekend ahead. Not sure how many beads I'll get made but I'm sure there will be one or two or three.

Have fun this weekend!!! I'll see if I can find a pic or two to post.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brad who is seven has 2 seconds of fame!!

Brad is in bright yellow
Hang on - at least he was on for more than 2 seconds here!!!

Guess you thought you might not hear from me today. I'll be honest and say there were moments that could have had me locked up and myself and child expelled. Nah, not that bad. But close (evil grin)!!

Tonight was Brad's big night. His school concert. They have been working on this for a good few months and school work came to a complete standstill of late. You would think that Brad who is 7 would have been happy, but not. I heard frequent moanings of I'm bored, and all we do is play practise, and the best, I don't want to go to school. But hang on, you're doing NO WORK!! But mom, I'm BORED!!! Now I know why. If we, the parents blinked we would have missed him. There's my baby, there goes my baby. Hang on - is he coming back. Nope that was it. The poor guy then had to sit back stage and wait till the end. Luckily he had friends to wait with.

I discovered that Josh who is three is made for the stage. His voice can resonate. Yes, the most popular parents were at the top of the most 'shooshed list'. The poor guy was just so excited!!! He clapped, he jumped for joy and of course he had to share his excitement with everyone else in the backrow. This was not appreciated at all. Especially by Brad's teacher whose daughter had one of the lead roles. Seeing as the teacher was one of the organisers pushing all the buttons including mine she had to be at the back. Now I would think she would know her own daughters lines off by heart but apparently not as she could not recite them word for word and needed to hear her daughter say them for the zillionth time and Josh who is three was not helping one bit. Yep, you guessed it --- she led the SHOOSH brigade. Now I will not comment on the other toddlers who were making just as must noise. Hang on, their moms are not as outspoken as me. Darn!!! Oh and just so we are all clear. Darling hubby was in charge of Josh who is three. Hmmmm!!! Wonder whose buttons he was trying to push.

Back to the most liked mom. My sister did hear another mom saying that she was at the top of the list. Guessing us outspoken moms are competing for the No. 1 spot!!! Cause I thought it was mine, all mine, I tell you.

I guess you want to know why we have no photo of Brad who is seven as a tree in Snow White who walked on one end of the stage and straight off the other. I'll be honest, that was all my fault and I forgot to recharge the Nikon, so I get darling hubby asking if I brought the backup Kodak. Did I forget to tell you I'm supermom who remembers everything. Of course not, I tell him!!! It would mean I'm super efficient and that would place me in the yuppie mummy category and that is one possie I do not want, Thank You!!!

We got to hang out with the cool moms too. We had fun!!! We organised a picnic. Now picnics and sudden downpours and highveld thunderstorms do not go hand in hand. Did I mention I was wearing a white top and competing in the all new Wet T-Shirt Mommy competition. So here we are with bubbly and gourmet snacks inside having our picnic - I'm expecting a call to report to the Principals office tomorrow morning. As long as she calls the other cool moms - that's fine with me!!!

The best part is we rush in with three kids in tow, no hang on, they ran on in ahead. It's pouring buckets. Now in the chaos I think I've told my sister to grab Josh who is three. So we get inside. Get everything setup by the cool moms and hang on - where's Josh. Uhhhhm still in the car!!! Not good!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American buddies. Love you girls, miss you and hope you're having fun!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A cluster of hearts....

Mr Impossible

Well the good news is that Josh who is 3 is feeling better. So Mr Grumpy has left and taken the monster with him and Mr Impossible has arrived along with something naughty.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Josh the monster

Searching for an apt picture proved fruitless but I did find this one which makes my heart melt.
Josh who is three is driving me loco. He turns into a monster when I'm around. If I go out he plays and does his thing. I walk in and bam, I have Josh the monster.

In a moment of Chaos

The quiet before the storm.

Hopefully another task completed in an already full 'To Do' List.

My Mission:

To make silk ribbons. It is just one of those ideas in my head and it just won't go away no matter how hard I try to. My mind is made up and those are the only ribbons that will do to go with my pendants.

I'm too scared to track my overlocker down. I know it is buried in this mayhem somewhere, even more, I dread having to thread the nightmare of a thing.

This morning also involved a run by Seattle Coffee Company and for a change I had a Vanilla Latte, instead of the Raspberry.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ocean's View

This is one of my pendants. It is my favourite.

The question is: Do I keep it for myself?

In need of some Tranquility

Ever just had one of those days where you just cannot seem to keep up, and all you want to do is snuggle in bed with a good book and hide from the rest of the world.

Well today was that day!!!