Friday, January 30, 2009

On the move again....

** Update at 5pm**

We have been told that the electricity will be restored this evening or first thing tomorrow. Sadley, the HO had to pay his tenants debt to get this fixed. We can only open an account with the municipality on Monday.

The sun is shining and the curtains are back on the line catching the last few rays of sunshine and blowing in the breeze. {{grin}}

After some investigating it looks like the pool pump/motor can be fixed this weekend. Looks like I'll be shopping for pool chemicals this weekend. Fun!! I love the pool section.

I'm still exhausted but I'm sticking to my diet and not letting my emotions get the better of me!! How long will I last?? I can do this...right!!

Oh and the cherry on top!! I've been bitten by a tick. I've marked my calendar as a reminder in case I start feeling out of sorts in the next 10 days or so.

We will be positive and say WE'RE HAVING FUN!!! Right!!!


It's wet and thankfully not cold. I have been at it since early this morning. Got most of the curtains washed and ready. But could not get them entirely dry before this soft constant rain hit us again.

I've wiped and conditioned the leather couch, cleaned the wingbacks as much as I can and tackled the lounge area.

I'm discovering muscles in my body which I completely forgot existed. LOL

What is 'right' right now is the fact that we are moving. What can go wrong?? Well practically everything that can.

1. The had to do this, this week apparently.

2. The previous tenants left an electricity and water bill of R7000.00 ($1000) They had not paid since they moved in. The owner and hubby have just discovered that the electricity has been cut as well and will take 72 hours to reconnect. I need that like I need a hole in my head. This happened after we viewed the property it would seem. What else is broken - I don't know. I only pray the geyser and all that will still be functioning.

3. The garden here is only half sorted. Can't cut grass in rain. Bummer!!!

4. The other garden is a disaster and the house needs a clean from top to bottom. Going to be fun without being able to use the vacuum cleaner.

5. The pump for the pool at the house we're moving too is broken as well.

Somewhere I need to remind myself that I said I could COPE with all of this.

I'm sure there will be a trillion things to add to the list. These we will only discover tomorrow when we get access to the property.

A big one will be making sure we change ALL the locks giving access to the house.

Back to work I go.......sorry peeps - no glass at all in the equation right now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did you know there was a new forum.....??

Well it was bound to happen!! No, I will not be signing up. LOL That would be as stupid as climbing out of your vehicle next to a pride of hungry lions. ((grin))

I'm all for it. If you think you can do a better job then go for it!! Heck, I think a South African forum would be fab idea - a shortage of members would be a problem though!! Firstly, not many South African lampworkers and secondly not many with internet connections. {{poses a problem when you want to be a mod and rule the world}} One thing is for sure I'd be good at deleting. OMG - remember that. Doubt I'll be allowed to forget it. ROTFL!!!

Have you seen it?? Did you visit?? Did you like what you read?? Ironically the first thread I opened was about a fellow lampwork artist being trashed for her beliefs and the cost of her tut. Yeh, very positive!! Maybe I don't understand what it means to be 'positive' or did I get that all wrong. Who knows??

Here is the link...

The Yummy Mummy!!

We've had a lot of rain today, so much so, that it actually flooded in and around the Johannesburg area!! Not major floods, although I am sure the squatters living on the banks of the Jukskei would not agree but floods that cause traffic jams and leave some of us wondering why these people continue to build their homes below the flood line when it happens every year!! But that is not the reason I am blogging today.

Back to what's been on my mind alot since Josh headed back to school and with that as some of you know came a zillion challanges. I do not for one minute think that I am the only one hit with challenges but mine sure are interesting. Well!! In my world they are.

My personal challenge. That of the Yummy Mummy!! Are you one? Do you know them? Do you admire them or just plain hate them?

My version of the Yummy Mummy!! Drives the latest 4 X 4, Volvo, BMW or otherwise fancy yuppie car. Dresses to the 9's even though she has nowhere to go but maybe pick up her little Angel!! Has time for mani's, pedi's, facials and the likes and most importantly doesn't blink at the latest levy the school has invented!! Yes, you can smell it, see it and it goes by the name of jealousy!! But who really cares.....this is my moan and I'm enjoying it. {{super evil grin}}

So in the first week of back to school, which was 2 weeks ago, I try and head out to fetch Josh at 1pm. 20 Zillion Yummy Mummy's abound (okay, not quite 20 zillion but more than 5)...this will not work. I am certainley not dressing up just to fetch Josh and trying to fake my Ford Fiesta as something zooty. Change our routine to get there at 12:30. Shoooooo, and frumpy mum, which is me, has arrived before the fake booby brigade!! Those fake smiles and those who think they have given birth to the latest brainiac. I'm stubborn!! I don't get why parents don't want their kids to be kids. To play, to have fun, to get dirty, to live..............We live in a world where my 2 year old is more brilliant than your 2 year old and Zack is reading 3 letter words and he's not even 3. My mistake was thinking that I chosen a down to earth sort of school. Well lo and behold - what the Yummy Mummy demands, she gets. I'm too scared to ask if playtime is less and if sitting at the new shiny desks is taking control. What happened to learn while we play and stuff like that??? Geesh, there is even the kid who speaks his mind but what happened to R*E*S*P*E*C*T!!

This new influx of the Ultimate Yummy Mummy has me running for the hills. If I thought the fight for the front row of the concert was interesting last year, it certainley is going to offer some entertainment this year. LOL...........................................

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weigh-in : Wk 1 - Weight Watchers

To say today was anything but challenging would be a lie. Have you ever had one of those days where you constantly make excuses why NOT to do something. i.e. I need cash and I'm not near an ATM, I'll have the boys with me and do I really want to go, I can do it next week, I can do it tomorrow, I can do it any other day just not today.......and on and on and well on......

I gritted my teeth and just did it. Is it Nike who says: "Just do it" . I find that 9 out of 10 times it is generally the best option. LOL

Okay so I weighed in at 104.4 Kg's - for all my overseas buds that would be a whopping 230.162 LB otherwise known as pounds.

Now what had me puzzled is that I have been hanging around this figure for months now, yet between December and now I feel like I've put on a whole bunch more. One thing is for certain is that I feel puffier. My wedding ring is making itself known and my face to say that I feel like a blow fish is an understatement of note. {{grin}}.

Thanks to all of you for your support. Elaine, you're my voice of reason. How many times can I say that those same results have happened to me - countless. Every diet I have tried. It was nice to hear the honesty. Did I hear the negativity - no way!! I just heard a friend being very truthful. I could even see it in hubby's lift of the eyebrows - you know that puzzled look that says haven't you done this before but is trying to tread very carefully into unchartered waters. Well not quite unchartered because every man I am sure has tried every path he can think of when it comes to 'those' waters. Mine certainley has!! LOL But still everytime he has to face the 'D' word the waters become very unchartered.

I have a pile of information to get through tonight. Meals to plan etc etc. One thing I can say is that it is going to be fun trying to fit in everything I have to eat. I looked at the 18 point person for a day and that was quite a lot - how I'm going to sqeeze in an extra 5 points is going to be very intersting!! I have 23 points for each day. Let's just say I will NOT starve!! If I do then I have doing something wrong.

This is the plan. Each Tuesday after weigh-in I'll post a blog about my week and my achievements or non-achievements!!
Let the journey begin.........

Sunday, January 25, 2009

About that New Year's Resolution...

Friday came and went with the realisation that I am heading in the totally opposite direction of 'My Year of the Skinny Me - 2009'.
No matter which way I look at it I have actually gained weight instead of losing it. It was time for some serious reflection and all that sort of stuff.
Problem :
I don't have the time to do this myself.
Ideas, menus, shopping lists.
I just cannot focus on that by my lonesome.
Solution :
Sign up with one of the groups, either Weight Watchers or Weigh Less.
and start using said Gym membership that I am bound to pay for every month that I am just not using. One of those scenarios where you sign up for something with great intentions and then you're stuck with a contract for the next 24 months. Okay, means finding time. But hey, if we add on an extra couple of hours everyday then this can be done. Right? Right!!
I am not giving up on this one and only resolution that I have made this year. This is the year of 2000 and S*H*I*N*E!! No giving up!! Right!!
So this is the week. Tomorrow is a new day!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is a mom to do but buy a kilt??

As if life was not challenging enough along comes Josh (4 yo) with our newest challenge. He hasn't been back at nursery school very long and he's become obsessed with wearing skirts and being like his best friend Meg!! Oh boy!!! I'm in a spin. My Josh is turning anything into a skirt and the favourite is a t-shirt. His shirts are slowly being destroyed one by one and I'm at a loss.

So I've been franctically searching the net trying to find children's kilts (proper boy 'skirt' attire) at a wee fortune, no less. I think I have found the most unaffordable fordable option. The best of a 'not many options' financially speaking. But before just jumping in an ordering and begging any soul out there to buy a bead/s when I actually have one or more up for sale, I'm going to check with a fellow LE'er who has connections on these things and check with a local supplier as well, but gut says they might not be any cheaper.

Why are we searching?? Because mommy and her big mouth says : 'Angel, let's get you a proper boy's skirt, well because you're a boy'. So everyday I get this 'mommy, have you found me a boy's skirt yet??' Oh boy!!

I'm at my wits end, poor dad is confused as hell. We never had this with Brad. He was content just to be a boy. Is it a phase? Is it for life? The questions, the possibilities, the fear!!!! The biggie : Do not label your kid!!! I am trying to take this in my stride and just go with the flow and let be what must be....

I got an award....

Rita, a fellow blogger and lampworker has graciously awarded me with this award. Her blog is listed amongst my favourites that I follow. Please pop by there if you haven't already.

I'm usually not very good at these. LOL I must admit these girls have more faith in me than I do because I tend to avoid these. LOL I'm guessing persistence pays off.

Proximidade is described as follows:

'This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!'

The rules are: This blog award should be sent to your favorite eight bloggers and they, in turn should forward to eight of their favorites. You should include the text for Proximidade (above) in your announcement blog.So, now I've got to pass this award to 8 wonderful people, and I choose:

Sam aka Samma
Diana aka Deesigned Beads

Deb aka Dabatt

and everyone else if I could have but I think you girls were all taken.

New Blog on the block!!

Hi my fellow followers...

I'd like to introduce to another fellow lampworkers blog.

Davina-Marie (not BBB as I always call Davina - eeek sorry about that) has more children than me which makes her a hero in my book. She lives on a farm and that makes me jealous!! Not that I am sure I am cut out for living on a farm as much as I would love too. She is also a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) . Woohooo!!

So pop on over and have a read and don't forget to tell Davina that I sent you.

Have a super day everyone!!

I found a house to live in so naturally I'm on a natural high!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It made me realise something ...

I received permission from Loco who posted this in the Bathroom over at LE. If you are offended by very bad language please do not read, if you kiddies or teens are looking over your shoulder send them away..........YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! Oh!! and some insight to all the drama over at LE in the past few weeks and even more recently would be helpful. {{grin}}

And my reasoning for posting this is because it made me realise made me laugh at myself at a time when I am taking myself way too seriousley and I mean way too seriousley. It reminded me that I LOVE to melt glass - I don't melt glass to make money, I do it because I love it. Okay, a few extra pennies would come in handy. Okay, more than a few but that is not why I melt glass, why I like to think of myself as a lampworker and even on some days a Glass Artist.

My Vagina is always drama FREE wish LE was

Shall we continue......... The discussion: After a bitch, that you can find below, it turned to my taking bubble baths with Dawn dish soap........ I, and my vagina have no problems with it. I have promised to try the "hand friendly" version of Dawn when it's time to restock.
For those who missed my original post's here they are. Add, comment, flame, do what ever the hell you want:
Post#1:"There's no point in hanging in places like that...Ummm.... Sad..."
Post #2:"Just after my DH said that I posted... I sat there and refreshed the bathroom and called out the viewer numbers. He was shocked to say the least.
I am SO DONE with the crap, the attitudes. I think it deals with Corri being the only moderator. (Hi Corri!)
I just don't know..When the economy turned to shit and people were still expecting the "normal" high prices for their beads and it didn't happen, they were frustrated. The holidays came and they couldn't buy what they wanted to overly lavish those in their lives. That frustration found an outlet in a basically unmoderated LE. Crap breads crap and crap breads more crap. So here we sit in shit and it STINKS!
Well tell ya what: BLEEP your bead prices! Don't tell me that YOU NEED 70 flipping dollars for that bead! Come on I have diddled out what it costs to make a bead thats 13 ounces! Yes, 13 ounces of farking glass in one piece and trust me 70 bucks would have been a farking PROFIT!
Get the hell over it people. It's glass and while it used to be worth 70 bucks it's worth 25 NOW! And 25 is still a profit. Don't like it? Put some BLEEPIN nylons on and get a job! The you'll see that 25 is a damn fine deal!
Shit my house last year was worth 200 BLEEPIN THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE than it is now! And you know what I have to say to that?
Damn how fortunate that I am to have a house!
Thank you so VERY MUCH!
May your life be sweet with a touch of hardship to help you appreciate all that IS GOOD in your life! Screw all the shit that rough. Screw those that are pissing you off. BLEEP UM! YOU don't need that drama in your life!
Find that inner peace and revel in it. If it is a bubble bath and all you have is dish soap be grateful for every bubble and every second there is hot water to soak in. I've not seen real bubble bath in ages, but I am so ever thankful for Dawn dish soap, that I buy at Big Lots!"

Hey, I'm only the hands of the voices in my head...
Side note:
Sorry, took a break to enjoy an Orange Popsickle and catch-up on my facebook and LE. Now I'm taking my frustrations out on my popsickle stick....LOL while contemplating my grateful list.
Even though times are VERY tough here, I have a few things to be grateful for:
* A roof over my head, well, at least for the next week and a half.
* Grateful that I am able to melt glass even though I don't sell too many of my little 'art' works.
* That I am married to a fabulous wonderful guy.
* That I am a mom to two super lil guys. Even though somedays they can be challenging.
* That I am able to homeschool my oldest. We learn together and grow together!!
another side note:
Hubby did have a looksie at another promising home. We'll just have to wait and see!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good News in one area of our lives...

Remember that house we sold long, long, long, long, long time ago!! Well it feels like forever. LOL

The Good News!!!

The transfer finally went through today.

One less thing to worry about but sadly they still have not paid for any rent they owe us.

Sir Sweet Love

Can you believe it!! I got to melting glass yesterday. I didn't realise how much I had missed it until I got going again. These are for custom orders. Unfortunately the other one I made ended up with a thermal crack. Sad!!

I also worked on my Finding Your Voice in Glassbead Making Assignment. Not sure I like that bead but something different from me. Either way I'm working in soft glass and with that comes the realisation that I ADORE boro. It is just so much more to work with and I L*O*V*E the results that I get with the boro colours.

My life is currently lesson plans, finding a new home (not very successful) and squeezing in some 'me time' for Lampworking and also trying to keep this house in a livable state. I think I need more hours in the day.

I am discovering that Estate Agents on this continent still drive me insane!!

I'm happy to report that the supplement I am taking is helping me somewhat. It is a Solal product called Naturally High.

Back soon...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a S*I*N

A bunch of orders for Froggies on hearts necessitated in a purchase of some soft glass. This is a mix of Moretti, Vetrofond and CIM. There is +-95 rods. I'm not even going to tell you what it cost. It was sinful!! Thank goodness for some pendant sales (stuff on consignment that had been sold) and discount that by the time the total came through it was luckily half of the original cost. Shoooooooooooooooo!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Find Joy in the Journey

Change is in the air!!

And we all know how much I just love change. Right!!

We could be packing up and moving in a weeks time. Some of you might remember what the last move did to me. Apparently I'm brave/crazy/stupid enough to try it again 6 months later after swearing blind that we were going to stay put - not realising that even the best made plans will and do change - LOL.

Deb you were a lifesaver today!! Hugs and thank you!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's time to. . .

It's time to Plan, well as much as I want too!!

After some considerable thought it might not be an entirely bad thing because I can then schedule some 'ME' time to melt glass!!

The idea is to start HS (homeschooling) on Monday and start getting into the swing of things. The only hiccup here is the thought of moving again which would disrupt everything for a short bit anyway. Not that we are having any luck finding anything at the moment. All I know is that this Landlord and me are not going to last much longer together.
So, if it is not a bad thing then why am I finding it so hard to sit down and P*L*A*N!! Some stupid irrational F*E*A*R, I guess.
We're heading for another scorcher here today!! Better get started on the day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


If you keep following the same path, you'll keep ending up in the same place. If you don't make changes, then nothing will change. Right!! Now we know where I am at. {{grin}}
Hubby is back at work and I fell into the same rut of 'woe me' and more excuses about why I can't do what I want to do rather than the reasons why I should do what I want to do.
All those fears of "I'm going to fail..." hit me like a ton bricks. Too scared to melt glass because I might not be original enough and feeling that if I put one foot wrong in that department - well!!! Scared I'll fail my sons - yeah!! only schools can teach right.
I spent a fortune on a product made by a very reputable company - a sort of natural anti-depressant. Okay, when is this bugger going to kick in. LOL
Also not having a 2009 calendar in the house. Shocking I know - or a relatively decent sized diary - not got one. Could this possibly be why I am feeling so direction-less or do I need a map or do I need both. LOL Guess I'm looking for a calendar and a diary today!!
Forgive me for rambling . . .
Songs I've listened to today :
Human by The Killers
This is the Life by Amy MacDonald

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Education and Fun !!!

The Education !!

The Fun !!

And my 'In Awe!!' moment. . .

We had some fun this afternoon as well as some fun learning. There was a gentleman from an educational zoo who had parents and kiddies enthralled.
Pictured first is Gizmo the Bushbaby - who can jump up to 8m in length. She weighed about the same as 1/2 tsp of sugar when she was born. I think it was under 7grams.
There was also the Meerkat, I have unfortunately forgotten his name but do recall that is was something very South African - hmmmm, let me check with the boys....brb....they concur that it was Solly. Solly had a peak in everyone's mouth, okay, except mine. LOL No, he didn't stick his head right in but I could tell the dude was quite willing to clean some teeth given half the chance. We were told about how the 'mommy' Meerkat is the boss. Of course I am going to remember that and don't think I'll let the boys forget either. LOL As for the rest - oops!! I do remember this - the families can be as big as 40 members. Heck!! no way I would survive that. {{grin}}
As for the lil' croc, well now that is a very sad story. Can you believe that the croc is already 5 years old. When he was a baby he was captured and kept in a fish tank for almost 5 months. His growth has now been stunted because of this and sadly he can never be returned to the wild. It's like this : He thinks he is big enough to hunt unfortunately due to human interference he is not as big as he thinks he is.
The Burmese Python!! Well, we all know how I feel about snakes but 'WOW' was I proud of Brad. Looking at him braving that!! I was sorry that I had chickend out. It could have been cool. This was more about our fears and the fears we are taught.
It was then Ant's turn with his Funprix. It wasn't very busy but the kiddies and parents who played had fun!! While dad was doing that the kids had fun on the 'Magic Ice Rink' and as you can see they had a whale of a time. Ant then joined them in some fun!! Nope, until there is a skinny me, no way was I getting on the rink. LOL
But my 'WOW' moment was the Albino Burmese Python!! Isn't she gorgeous!!
I hope your Sunday was fun as mine!!
I have yet to melt glass but I'll get there!!

The Circus comes to Town!!

On friday night off we trotted to the Circus, the Brian Boswell Circus to be exact.
The boys were very excited and I couldn't help myself from sneaking a few glances at them through the whole performance. Their faces, the expression and the utter joy!! It was definitely something to smile about. Couldn't get any snap shots as NO photography was allowed during the performance but those expressions I will hold deep in my memory!!
Tomorrow is back to normal for this household. Ant is going back to work after 2 weeks of leave. It's going to be sad not having him around all the time and the boys are definitely going to miss bossing him around and fighting over him.
Today I'm contemplating joining them at the Casino where Ant is doing his Funprix thing. Good photo ops I think. Let me think about it . . .

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm so excited . . .

After spending the day in my PJ's - yes! moms get to do that once a year. LOL

- An idea that I have had in my head for the past couple of days has finally made it into a sketch. Now for the biggie!! Transferring this idea to glass. I feel like I'm one step closer - I'm so excited.

With the New Year comes. . .

Blog rules ! ! !

With kind permission from Sylvie the same rules that apply to her blog now apply to mine: (Slightly edited to fit me. . .LOL)

This is MY blog. If you are not reading it for FUN... please go away.

If you don't like me.... why waste your time here?????

If it bothers you that I use a delete button.... please go away.

If you don't like my photo's... please go away.

If you don't like my music.... please go away.

If you don't like the teams I support.... please go away.

If you are reading this PURELY to criticize me for my life decisions... please go away.

If you're reading this from your place of employment and might get fired for doing non-work-related internet surfing.... please go away (that's just me looking out for you... you can always read from home)

If you hate kittens, rainbows, chocolate (neg) or beads... you should probably go away too because those things seem pretty non-hateble and if you do hate them.... you're probably not real nice.

If you are one of the OTHER 20 people who read this on a daily basis... please stay.
(and if you know anyone in Hawaii or Alaska or any of the countries not blotted on my map... you can invite them to read (as long as they are agreeable to the rules above)... but only because I'm still lacking those states/countries in my quest for world domination)

SO... for everyone that's left here, after I've kicked out all the undesirables...It's unfortunate that some of the readers have not been here for the entertainment value that you are.

Happy New Year - It's gonna be our year ! ! !

May 2009 be your 2000 & S*H*I*N*E ! ! !
Mother Nature took over last night and gave us her very own fireworks display!! It bucketed down. The power flickered on and off - I eventually gave up trying to reboot the computer.
My family who is camping had it a bit rough. Sleeping in cars and all. I'll check in with them later but it seems like the storm found them too.
I have one resolution this year and if I achieve that one a lot of other good stuff should follow in it's step!
2009 : The year of the skinny me ! ! !
Before the storm and while we could still sit outside the boys brought out some old photo's. Have you ever looked back at pics and thought 'Hey, I was actually thin' in the days that you thought you might have been fat!! I was geesh!! I looked good way back then. What I'd give to be that fat again. ((grin)) This is my year to find that inner screaming thin woman who wants to be set free! ! ! And with that the rest should follow.
What are your New Year Resolutions? ? ?