Tuesday, January 6, 2009


If you keep following the same path, you'll keep ending up in the same place. If you don't make changes, then nothing will change. Right!! Now we know where I am at. {{grin}}
Hubby is back at work and I fell into the same rut of 'woe me' and more excuses about why I can't do what I want to do rather than the reasons why I should do what I want to do.
All those fears of "I'm going to fail..." hit me like a ton bricks. Too scared to melt glass because I might not be original enough and feeling that if I put one foot wrong in that department - well!!! Scared I'll fail my sons - yeah!! only schools can teach right.
I spent a fortune on a product made by a very reputable company - a sort of natural anti-depressant. Okay, when is this bugger going to kick in. LOL
Also not having a 2009 calendar in the house. Shocking I know - or a relatively decent sized diary - not got one. Could this possibly be why I am feeling so direction-less or do I need a map or do I need both. LOL Guess I'm looking for a calendar and a diary today!!
Forgive me for rambling . . .
Songs I've listened to today :
Human by The Killers
This is the Life by Amy MacDonald


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

How do you know what day it is without a calendar in every room? We have 4 in our computer room/office, another in the kitchen, another in my studio... and I have 2 on the wall at work... hum, sounds a bit much, maybe I should cut back...
Got the Darling Christmas card from you yesterday... it made me smile... thanks for thinking of me, with all you had going on.

angelinabeadalina said...

When you get that calendar, please mark this on the bottom of each and every day: Michelle Can Do It Day :)

Mich, you are a wonderful mom, and the boys are such happy children. They are going to have such incredible memories of homeschooling.

As for the glass, you make beautiful glass! Don't let your own fears keep you from melting it. I know that fear, that one in the back of your mind that says, "that won't be good enough, that won't be spectacular enough, so why bother". . .you know what? I would worry about an artist who said they didn't hear that voice.

Oh, and as for what other people might think about what you make, don't even let yourself go down that road. From what I can see, when someone makes a loud complaint about someone else, there is usually more to it than a creative issue. Why give that spectre of drama the power to cloud your glass vision? Torch. Create. Enjoy completely that whole feeling of satisfaction that comes from melting glass :)

Hugs, Ang

Jennifer Cameron said...

We just started homeschooling this year and let me tell you, that really naughty "D" word (doubt) seeps into my brain on an almost daily basis. However, I have to keep track of the small victories with it to keep me and the kids on this path.

As for lampworking, make it FUN. It is supposed to be fun. Don't worry about it being sellable. Just go to the torch and play with the glass and fall in love all over again. Forget everything and everyone else.

Check out this website www.pbwiki.com I love this site for homschooling! They have a calendar plug-in that is just awesome and each kid has their own page and is responsible for making sure all assignments are completed. I also add internet links for history or science or whatever I find that is interesting so that it keeps school fun AND educational. I also created a book log page for each, a thankful journal page, and more. And you can keep the site private except for invited users. The possibilities are endless.