Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Education and Fun !!!

The Education !!

The Fun !!

And my 'In Awe!!' moment. . .

We had some fun this afternoon as well as some fun learning. There was a gentleman from an educational zoo who had parents and kiddies enthralled.
Pictured first is Gizmo the Bushbaby - who can jump up to 8m in length. She weighed about the same as 1/2 tsp of sugar when she was born. I think it was under 7grams.
There was also the Meerkat, I have unfortunately forgotten his name but do recall that is was something very South African - hmmmm, let me check with the boys....brb....they concur that it was Solly. Solly had a peak in everyone's mouth, okay, except mine. LOL No, he didn't stick his head right in but I could tell the dude was quite willing to clean some teeth given half the chance. We were told about how the 'mommy' Meerkat is the boss. Of course I am going to remember that and don't think I'll let the boys forget either. LOL As for the rest - oops!! I do remember this - the families can be as big as 40 members. Heck!! no way I would survive that. {{grin}}
As for the lil' croc, well now that is a very sad story. Can you believe that the croc is already 5 years old. When he was a baby he was captured and kept in a fish tank for almost 5 months. His growth has now been stunted because of this and sadly he can never be returned to the wild. It's like this : He thinks he is big enough to hunt unfortunately due to human interference he is not as big as he thinks he is.
The Burmese Python!! Well, we all know how I feel about snakes but 'WOW' was I proud of Brad. Looking at him braving that!! I was sorry that I had chickend out. It could have been cool. This was more about our fears and the fears we are taught.
It was then Ant's turn with his Funprix. It wasn't very busy but the kiddies and parents who played had fun!! While dad was doing that the kids had fun on the 'Magic Ice Rink' and as you can see they had a whale of a time. Ant then joined them in some fun!! Nope, until there is a skinny me, no way was I getting on the rink. LOL
But my 'WOW' moment was the Albino Burmese Python!! Isn't she gorgeous!!
I hope your Sunday was fun as mine!!
I have yet to melt glass but I'll get there!!


Kyfarmlife said...

HA! I can FINALLY leave a message!!! WOO HOOO! I love your post today! I love animals and this one was right up my alley! I read every day but I have some kind of problem with my connection most days almost any day I cannot leave a as to your other posts...YOU ROCK...and I think your stand is awesome...forget those other dragons that made you feel like crap on that thread! Your a sweet talented woman and dont forget it! 2009 will be a better year, I know you'll get a lot of unfinished things resolved! I'm hoping that for the both of us! LOL Glad to finally let you know I'm stopping by each day!

Kyfarmlife said...

Come by you have an award awaiting your acceptance on my blog!!! ;-D

Deb said...

Mich - it looks like a fabulous day was had by all. You are so fortunate to have such wonderful animals to look at in situations like this :o)

Mummy may not have held the snake (they feel kind of funny anyway)...but I'm darn impressed that she's addressed one as 'gorgeous' & got close enough to get a great photo of it too ;o)

I adore the Bushbaby & the Meerkat, & I have to agree with you about how sad it is that people don't think about the future when they decide to keep a wild creature like lil' croc captive.

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

I loved seeing all the photos and your family.

Deronda designs... said...

Yes, she is a beautiful Burmese and what a great way to spend a day...the boys are growing up so fast.