Friday, August 29, 2008

Challenge: Your idea of a 'Domestic Goddess'

Make your version, in GLASS OR ON PAPER of a Domestic Goddess

This is for all you fellow lampworkers / Artists out there. And you can thank Angelina for getting me thinking. It's a rare thing that 'thinking'. LOL

I know one of things I wanted to learn when I started melting glass was how to make a Goddess. Well I think most of us make them in some form or manner. So here is my challenge for the next say week. Yes, you only have a week to get those pics in. I'll make a collage and we can post it on our blogs. How cool would that be!! And pleeeeeeese don't make me be the only one. LOL

Get melting and painting girls and guys!!

Oh, and just in case Maggie has decided she much prefers playing with clay - then we can include clay too. Okay...okay.......LOL

and the sun sets on another busy day!!

I shall dance to the beat of my own drum!! I will learn to dance in the rain!!

I've woken up and feel rejuvenated!! Shooooo!! Ready to face another potential busy day.
I have been blessed to find someone local who makes Natural body care products. The yummy soaps, body butter, linen sprays etc. The linen sprays being at the top of my Agenda. Not sure if you know but I have gone from conventional washing powders and softners to Soap Nuts. If you're not sure what Soap Nuts are, I'll take a pic of mine later. Anyway my wild idea is to use the linen sprays to give my laundry some 'pretty smelly' back as the soap nuts basically have NO smell at all.
Today's adventures include. Birthday boy gift shopping (at these times I feel I don't know my kids) LOL and taking a wild step in our curriculum. Now why wild?? I cannot answer that right now - except that what I would like to do is extreme for me.
I shall dance to the beat of my own drum!! I will learn to dance in the rain!!
oh, and get my whiteboard. LOL
Now all the women out there. Tell me. Why are haircuts so 'blooming' EXPENSIVE?? As some of you might know at the beginning of the year 'I did it'. I shaved most of my hair off for Cancer Shavathon. It is growing back and needs some direction. Pop into the new Salon at the centre we frequent and my jaw drops to the floor R300.00 to have this short mop sorted. You got to be kidding right!! I mean seriousley. So there went that idea for a haircut. I know one of bookclubs ladies go to a lady who is brilliant and I could probably have a cut, colour, highlights all for the same price. I must just find her.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You know that feeling.........

the one where you want to climb into bed and stick the duvet over your head and not face the world for a while. Well, that is where I am at. I also know that if I do that I might not want to come out and that would be BAD!! It would mean I've given up somehow, admitted defeat - given up on the vision of the SUPER MOM / WIFE!!!! Deep down I know I can accomplish everything. Cleaning house, ironing, schooling, taxi, living and my business. Note how my business seems to have taken a backseat to everything that is happening. I'm in shock - it needs to be somewhere more near the front.
I had a productive day and had a great play date / visit with a new friend. But........
I am bushed and exhausted and feel like I have had way too much stimulation and my brain feels fried. It's at the stage of don't touch me, give me space and let me chill!!! Thank goodness these days are rare.
My brain is calling for a solution. A whiteboard solution where I can schedule my days, my weeks and even my months - heck at the rate I'm going I could plan years in advance. LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What do you mean............

..............I can't sit on the couch

Bailey is growing up really fast. Today he was adamant that he would make driving into the property a challenge. He took a slow stroll in front of my car and had the audacity to sit and turn around and pull a face at me. Like he knew I did not have the energy to get out of the car and move him.

We went to a stunning shop today that sells various school supplies. I was in heaven, makes we wonder how colour deprived my schooling was!!

This afternoon was spent having tea and cake at Josh's school and then having to literally drag them home. They could quite happily camp there. They love it. I get some time to think and chat and mull over ideas with Josh's teacher. She was a Primary school teacher so it is great to bounce ideas off her.

All the RSVP's are back for Josh's birthday party. And out of the 5 invited, 3 are most definitely attending, we're not sure about Ewan as he is more into guns and bows and arrows than soft cuddly bears, but he also happens to think Megan is cool so you just never know. Up until this afternoon I had not heard from Megan's mom - I was starting to panic. Without Meg we have no party and everything would have to be rescheduled.

As for the house cleaning - some days are good and some are really bad. LOL Like yesterday when I lost some of the filters for the vacuum cleaner. I had washed them and put them on the roof of the car to dry. I was then running late to fetch Josh, forgot about the filters and bye bye they went. LOL Now keeping the floor clean is a lot more challenging. Thank goodness I'll be able to get replacement filters, hopefully tomorrow.

We are about to order our homeschooling stuff. Exciting stuff!!!

Chat soon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautifully Disguised!!

Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover)

Found at the bottom of our garden near the veggie patch. Mom and Dad hopefully feasting on bugs and not my baby veggies. The water is also going but not risking being dive bombed again by an upset mommy and daddy or having the dogs who trail along finding the baby. Although mom and dad do a good job of luring the dogs away from the little one.

back later.............

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Okay, last one......and thinking I should hide the camera looks like I'm about to be clawed. LOL

Today was a beautiful summers day. You would almost think winter was history and that we had skipped Spring. Oh well, the cooler evening was a reminder that winter is still on it's way out.

The family was out in the garden, got family pics too. Well of the boys, I'm behind the camera. Great excuse don't you think. LOL

Because some of our dogs love to chase kitty cats, this kitty has only had outdoor time supervised by all of us and she most certainly had fun. Can you tell!!

We planted some bite size tomato seeds, as well as carrots. We also got some butternuts planted too. I found 3 gorgeous daisy type bushes, well when they grow up they'll be all gorgeous and planted those as well.

FUN in the SUN!!!

what did you do.............

ooh, ooh, and the 'no sale curse' was broken. I could hug someone right now!!!!!!!!!!!


Resistance is futile!!

Hope you're having just as much FUN as we are this Sunday!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Crazy kitty post

I was up at 4am. It's saturday and I was up at 4am. I'm a nut!!
Now during the week I had plotted to get up early so that I could tackle the housework. Could hardly get myself out of bed. Come the weekend and I'm up at 4am, no problemo!! Ugghhh!!!
Crazy kitty loves to climb the burglar bars and investigate. Crazy kitty also likes to play Tarzan on my net curtains and any curtain in general. A monster but cute!!!
Sorry about the Tears from the Heart post. I did not mean to have some of you in a panic. That is what the heart wanted to be named. We argued over it but the heart won. What can I say??
I have 4 more little hearts. I made little hearts - very proud of myself!! Can you tell. I'll post photo's later.
First I need to go to a homeschooling seminar. A bit anxious as it is at a church and I haven't been to one of those in a while. LOL
I'll report back later.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It was one of those days!!!

Where it starts in a flood of tears!! Yep, me. Here at home, at Josh's school and a teeny bit at home again. My coping mechanism had failed me.

Later in the afternoon, I discover a mom has bought a pendant - I feel happy but embarrassed too. Did she buy it because she heard of my troubles or just cause she liked it. I'm being silly right. Very silly!! My latest pendants have sat on Etsy for the past couple of days. Stagnant!! No looks, no nothing. Guess I failed in that idea!! Back to the drawing board, I guess.

I know we will come out the other end of this - stronger. More financial savvy and stronger for it. I just wish it was over!! I look back and think - what if I had done things differently. Not bought this or that. Oh well, it's in the past!!

My teddy's for an exchange are still sitting here - I promised to get them off. I just can't!! Stupid!! It's ready, I can do it - but I can't!!

Another successful day of working on the project. Managed to find some relevant books for our next and I'm looking forward to Saturday. Maybe I'll just be a bit more savvy about this homeschool gig. I just don't want to FAIL my son!!

An emotional day filled with silly emotional crap. But guess we need them once in a while.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Journey begins........

After being on holiday for just over 2 weeks Brad has had enough. He'd rather be working than lazing about. Cannot blame him. LOL

Luckily I have a few ideas on hand and we were able to start. Today we started our first lapbook. It is on 'The San of Africa'. We were able to get the idea locally and it did not cost a fortune. I'll take pics once it is complete. :))

On Saturday I've booked myself in for a Homeschooling Seminar taking place not too far from home. Shoooo!! We've basically decided on a curriculum choice and I just want to have a real good look at it. I'll be getting the English, Reading and Math part of it ordered over the weekend and over the next couple of months we'll add to it. They seem pretty good and comprehensive. It comes with teaching plans etc. So that is all thought out. I just have to jump right in and do it. LOL

Brad and I had fun today.

He did tell me how much fun he was having and guess what he was learning at the same time. That is what it should be about. Right??

I love this lapbook idea!!! We'll definitely be incorporating it into most of our learning. It is very hands on.

Well I've learnt a bunch today as well. I'm exhausted. LOL

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Survivor Tuesday .....

Well my post just went AWOL!!
The photo is of Bailey chewing Pans ear. How she puts up with his nonsense, I just don't know.
I have decided that to get everything done that I need to in a day, I need to get up at 5am. Yeesh, that is early but other than a miracle I cannot see me getting through everything. It will give me a chance to get the housework done, then got Josh ready for school and then get him to school. Head home, get Brad and the homeschooling done, then fetch Josh, late lunch and then hopefully glass. Then cook dinner and then bed. Hubby might never have any 'nookie' ever, ever again at this pace.
The boys are in the bath, hubby was told to cook dinner. He has. Woohoooo!!
It's dinner, some Survivor Fiji and then crash.
Before I go, thought I should give you an update on Kitty's name. No news yet. But she is definitely into glass, climbing and I.T. (yes, she loves computers). She'll sit on them, try and send emails and naturally search the www. She loves staring at the screen when I'm looking at all the beautiful beads too. She's nutty!!
THANKS for all the fab suggestions and they're under review.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey, hey, it's Friday..........

Okay, so weekends mean diddly squat except for tons more housework on Monday. LOL But at least I have hubby for two whole days out of the week.

I can see I am going to have to use some bribery and corruption here to get those kitty names coming my way. Come on guys. Get creative!!!

I most certainly had a productive day at the torch but sadly two of the pendants cracked. Eek!! I have never had that happen before - and to one of the nicest flower pendants I did today as well. I tried reproducing it but to no avail, just goes to show how challenging boro can be. LOL Not good if I cannot copy my own work. LOL!!


Carpet Sprinkle

1 Box Bicarbonate of Soda

Essential Oils

Tea Tree (10 drops)
Lavender (25 drops)
Lemon Grass (10 drops)

I found the trick is to pour some of the bicarb into a bowl and then add a couple of drops of each of the essential oils and mix them in thoroughly with a wooden spoon and then and more bicarb and some more drops and repeat the process a couple of times. You don't want to get clumps.

Then distribute into shaker containers. I found some nice cheap inexpensive ones at a plastic store here.

The longer you let it rest before using it the stronger the smell. I pretty much think you can experiment with various essential oils.

It was quick and easy and alot more affordable than store bought stuff.

Today I also found out that one of the homeschool moms on one of the groups I belong to is now selling a natural soap that can be used for washing clothes etc. Check out this link:

I ordered a bag today. If it works the way it says it does - I'll save heaps in that area too.

I know I'm even scaring myself. But I am even trying to bring greener issues into my glass. I now make my pendants and then batch anneal at the end of the day. This way I don't have the kiln running all day long. Thank goodness for boro. And what is even nicer is there is a company who makes boro who is also doing it's best to go green.

We have a fun weekend ahead of us. The Homeschool Expo tomorrow and then lunch with Mignon and family. Sunday should hopefully be a Esty listing day with some more molten glass. Woohoo!!

Have a good one guys!!

Latest pendants

Studio Kitty needs a name!!

I'm stuck and having a hard time thinking of a really cute 'Glassy' name. HELP!!
Have you got any ideas?? Come on fellow artists...........................

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flowers and things............

Teeny blue and white flower found in growing in the veldt grass.

Pink geranium flowers
The baby pomegranate trees/shrubs

Pomegranate Trees Found

Or are they bushes.......okay we'll go with tree for now. LOL

I bought two this morning for roughly $10.00 Wooohoooo!! They're babies though but the guy at the nursery assured me that they are quick growers. Now how to keep the birds from eating the fruit. I wonder if plastic snakes will work. LOL

Now if you have had a peak at Angelina's blog you would have seen those divine grape vines with some amazing looking grapes. That is my next mission. A couple or so Hanepoort Grape Vines. And pray we're here long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labour. LOL

This weekend is the Homeschool Expo and I'm really looking forward to that. I have finally managed to free some of my $$$'s, so I'll be able to get us some books and that. Shoooo!!

Yesterday we made our own Carpet Sprinkle, it smells divine. Now the trick will be to invest in more essential oils to add some variety and to experiment with other household cleaning products.

I'll be back later with some photo's.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My very own studio kitty

Saved from imminent lethal injection, little kitty has taken up residence in my studio. I am so excited about this, as I have been jealous for a while of all those other studio kitty's and their antics. Now I have my very own.

When studio kitty was rescued I could see hubby was silently going 'NO, not again - please don't, we've had this conversation'. And I was but they'll put it to sleep if it goes to the SPCA.....
So hubby starts telling the Coffee shop owner and another gentleman sitting there how I have a tendency to rescue and adopt everything in sight. Hmmmm!! The gentleman was brilliant and asked where I had rescued/adopted him from. LOL I thought that was quite funny!!

Okay so we now have a menagerie (sp - I'm not looking in that blooming dictionary) of pets. LOL But they're all loved and cared for and they're happy. That is all that counts.


The conversation heard between 8 yo Brad and almost 4 yo Josh this morning.

Bradley "Just BELIEVE you can do it, just say it Josh" said with passion
Josh " Just believe you can do it" said with all cuteness and passion
Brad " NO, Josh believe you can do it not me, say I not you" with extreme passion. (Like poor Josh is going to get this.........LOL)

One mommy doubled over as I was in another room as hubby was retelling the story.

Where do those days go??

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Whatevery you do, may it be graceful

The South African National Bird : The Blue Crane

Our day is planned and it is full steam ahead. Have to return some dog food this morning and get some soil to plant some seeds. Another visit to the farmstall. This time I'm taking the camera with. It has such a charm to it.

The rest of the day is going to be hubby attacking the garage filled with boxes. The boys and I will do some planting and hopefully some glass melting this afternoon. With Spring coming along some of you know how I can slow down on the glass, guess I can't this time around with my quiet period that I just had.

Bailey is growing at a fast rate of knots. He is too cute. He has adjusted well to this mad family and fits in. We just had a moment with his food which resulted in the purchase of some really expensive food (eeek) but it worked. Even the flatulence seems less. I suppose if I had to add up the cost of the natural remedy for flatulence plus the cheaper dog food it evens out in the end. The only other problem we had with this last bag is that it upset his tummy - the previous bag didn't. I contacted the people who developed it and have made arrangements to have it returned in case there is a hiccup with the batch. With this really expensive make we have less poops and less flatulence. Go figure!!

Wondering where all the animal pics are coming from. Josh's school had a trip to a little Zoo around here. Hence the cute Meerkat and beautiful bird pics. Sadly, I'm not keen on these really small zoos. It's hearbreaking but I suppose a necessary evil. Aren't we humans a destructive race. The worst was is the smell. It seemed to cling to me. I got home and changed immediately. Yuck!! Guess a shower would have been in order but I tackled watering the garden instead.

Have fun this Sunday whatever you have planned. Whether it be with family or time with just you. Enjoy every second of it!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whatever you do....

I hope your weekend is just as restful!!!
I am slowly recovering from the new home owners expecting us to put a satellite dish in the old home we sold to them so that they can have DSTV!! WTF!! Yes, I am still having those moments and of course we're putting together why that 'snake in the grass' of an Estate Agent wanted to chat with the guys doing the Electrical work. She now says there were connections for one. Duh!! What planet are you living on?? Must be those aliens who visited once in a while. I cannot be too sure. Oh heck, I can see this turning into fun. Thankfully, we know and those who know us know - we have never had a Satellite dish as we have never ever had DSTV!! And unless someone signs us up at Multichoice they'll soon find out we never ever had a contract which would have meant needing one.

The intention is to melt glass and chill today. Work on those creatures and see what I can do to them. Maybe some hearts and that. We'll see where the glass leads.

I love my new screen. It's BIG!!!

For my buddies at the Gathering. Have fun girls!!

Chat soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My final thought on copying....

I I'd like to add this quote to the mix.

"It’s easy to think we’ve dreamt up something new and original when we’re holed up in our studios. Chances are, though, it’s been done before–possibly way before. That doesn’t diminish its beauty. But it does make the issue of copying a bit grayer. Because even if you bring some originality to a design and make it in your voice, you owe a great deal to many others who did it before you."

-Denise Peck, Editor in Chief of Step by Step Wire Jewelry

Our VERY NON-EXISTANT satellite dish...

According to some we had one of these. Where, who knows?? Why on earth would we be hiding it now. We have never had the pleasure of Satellite Television. My goodness (me being word good here), I'd never have to worry about downloading those House episodes or any of the others if we could just watch it on our DSTV.

Now since yesterday afternoon, my screen went kablooey. It sent a little blue spark out and that was it. So we were not aware of this email until hubby came home this afternoon with a very 2nd hand screen so we could actually see what emails we had. Also the reason why I am only posting now. LOL The new HO's are demanding the return of the little NON EXISTANT Satellite dish that just NEVER was.

So I am breathing in and out. Counting to 10. And next step will be meditation. My heart is pounding, I'm breathing fast and trying not to do anything STUPID. Yes, I am behaving myself.

Love you guys.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Pipyr Creature

Thanks to the wonderful tut I purchased I have been playing around with these. Sadly, I broke the one tentacle on my second one and I have to fix it somehow.

Was hoping to get a better photo of this guy, but I somehow managed to break the one tentacle. Eeek!! Now to fix it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Moooo-ve it along

Kite flying report and other 'Doh' moments....

One kite sort of made it or so I was told, but by the time we got there the kites were tucked away and everyone was playing. LOL Some wind would help and according to teacher Pam some more time would be most valuable, considering she has to make 7 kites.

Elaine, I have an expensive kite - not fancy expensive - just more than I should have spent years ago. It is still in it's original cover and the boys know 'Don't touch, it will make mommy mad' - LOL

I have two creatures, yes two. Let's cross fingers this glass slump is over. LOL

Oh and I could smack myself silly with a wet smelly fish!! They're vines.....silly, they're vines. How could I forget??? Thanks Angelina for helping me out with that one.

Maggie - yep. As I was told many times and I'm sure everyone is telling you as well. Moving up and selling is one of the most stressful times in your life. Hugs and I know you'll get through to the other end - that cabin must be calling. It's only taken me over a month to really melt glass. It's my longest slump ever!!

I've got some more pics to show you all. Saving the glass ones for tomorrow. Yes, I know I'm horrible, smorrible..........LOL

I feel better, I melted glass.................................

Some serious kite building going on.....

Yesterday we had some time-out at Josh's school. In the afternoon some aftercare takes place as well as it being a venue for moms to come and chill and have some tea and cake.

Teacher Pam is certainly very creative and yesterday stated that for aftercare they were going to make kites and fly them. Of course it is August and we should have ideal kite flying winds. Well we live in hope. LOL

Coming by the kite flying material was not proving easy and the dell sticks and that were causing more frustration than anything else. Off I shot to the Nursery in the hopes of finding the right bamboo. Found a piece and to our dismay later on it was discovered that the bamboo was not young enough.

This morning Brad and I tried a different nursery. On and off of being there I somehow remembered that they hand tons of the stuff growing. Spoke to the lady who works there who thought I was nutz, but then what is new - she got one of the guys who works there to head to the back with me to have a looksie and lo and behold there was some young bamboo. Naturally on the way Brad and I were distracted by the peach and apricot trees and the mutual thought was we had to get some. So much for just getting the needed bamboo. LOL

We had 7 pieces of young bamboo, a peach tree and an apricot tree. On the shopping list for the future are a few hanepoort grape plants as well. Are they trees or bushes?? For the life of me I cannot think of what a grape plant is called. Senior moment!!

On the cards for aftercare today is another attempt at the kites!! Brad's and I will miss most of the action but that is OK!! We're crossing fingers they will have fun. We'll know once we collect Josh how it went or how the kite flying project is progressing.

As for the now. My kiln is on, and I have actually pulled out some clear boro rods and now I need to sort out my colours. Can we hopefully say some Pipry Creatures might just be made today. Well attempts at them anyway.

Have a great one!!


Late afternoon scooter fun