Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Journey begins........

After being on holiday for just over 2 weeks Brad has had enough. He'd rather be working than lazing about. Cannot blame him. LOL

Luckily I have a few ideas on hand and we were able to start. Today we started our first lapbook. It is on 'The San of Africa'. We were able to get the idea locally and it did not cost a fortune. I'll take pics once it is complete. :))

On Saturday I've booked myself in for a Homeschooling Seminar taking place not too far from home. Shoooo!! We've basically decided on a curriculum choice and I just want to have a real good look at it. I'll be getting the English, Reading and Math part of it ordered over the weekend and over the next couple of months we'll add to it. They seem pretty good and comprehensive. It comes with teaching plans etc. So that is all thought out. I just have to jump right in and do it. LOL

Brad and I had fun today.

He did tell me how much fun he was having and guess what he was learning at the same time. That is what it should be about. Right??

I love this lapbook idea!!! We'll definitely be incorporating it into most of our learning. It is very hands on.

Well I've learnt a bunch today as well. I'm exhausted. LOL


angelinabeadalina said...

I think you and Brad are going to have fun! If I thought my two would behave for me the way they do for their teacher at school, I'd want to do the homeschooling thing. I really like the flexibility and the way you can build learning around a project that captivates the young one's mind.

Deb said...

You are one brave lady - I'm impressed!
I'm with Ang - it seems the kids the teachers get at school & the ones I get at home are two totally different beings. The teachers get the perfect little angels version - I don't! lol!

I found the perfect alternative with a school for my eldest - a far cry from mainstream, where everything is centered around the kids choosing what they want to learn & how they want to learn it.
They even call their learning advisors by their first names & school hours are flexible.
The atmosphere is so great it almost made me wish I was back at school!

I did say 'almost'.....