Friday, November 28, 2008

Just call me mom.....

Oh boy....nearly forgot how to log into my blog there for a while. LOL

All consuming threads, some magic Secret Santa's, hand rearing a bird and the boys.....and, well, life. I'm consumed with busy-ee-nus!!!

Tonight I was reminded by a post of Angies about looking through the lens. Tonight was Josh's Christmas / Year End concert at his little school. There I am camera, video camera and only so many arms. Obsessed with catching it all on film and missing the best part of it. Just being a mom who should be able to just watch. So I took those deserved moments and just watched Josh - absolute heaven!! My little Angel was brilliant. Hang on, he was a Shepherd. ((grin)) LOL
My fruit kebabs were thankfully all eaten up by the parents. Shooooo, got something right!!

So looking at all these moms, I seem to be the only career-less one. The plain Jane out of the lot. Some I get along with, some I just don't understand and some I just sure don't understand me. But nothing annoys we more than a mom who has all the time in world for you on certain days - and then can't even greet you on another.

Then there is the FEEDING FRENZY for the front row. Now admittedly I had made sure that I was one of the first to arrive and actually got in second and believe it or not still did not make the front row. LOL No worries - the side worked out just fine for me!! You see those darn chairs arrived pretty late......Oh Well!! But I find parents fascinating creatures at events like these. The claws come out - the looks - the 'I'm going to hit you hard with this camera' type look - do you have these moments at school events. On my way back home I had time to reflect. I now know why my Nikon spends most of it's time with the bigger and better lens on - because even if this mom ends up in the back row - it's like being in the front row. LOL Saves me having to beat up other parents to get in the front row. BUT tonight I only had the pitiful normal lens. But hey hubby managed to sneak in some shots. LOL Where was I - ensuring that I got some of it on tape.

Now I'm listening to my Josh Groban, Noel CD (Love ya Maggie), while I catch up with my www friends.

A special Thank You to Diana (Canada) and Sandy (USA) who gifted me with beautiful tutorials. It means so much to me!!
And just maybe Josh (that is my Josh) has the right idea. A cusion, lying comfy on the floor where it's nice and cool and listening to soothing Christmas Carols is the way to go this Christmas season.

To all my Divas (you know who you are), to all my friends and family who read my blog. I love ya stacks and thanks for being there when I needed you and for all those moments to come be they happy or be they sad or be they just plain mad!!

And if you see me carrying a platter, a camera, a video camera, handbag and 2 barefoot boys in tow - Just call me mom.......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sir Muggles or Lucky!!

I haven't told you yet, have I.......LOL

And no pictures yet, either!!!

Since last week Saturday we've been hand rearing a beautiful green Indian Ringneck Parakeet. Thank goodness it is only 3 feeds a day. LOL

Pictures soon I promise....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cycle Challange Sunday (Inspiration or Madness)

Yesterday was that time of the year again, it was Cycle Challenge Sunday. This time we were in the thick of it with two major roads blocking us in and me feeling trapped. It is not that I mind and I sort of prepare myself for it but when the day arrives all I want to do is get in the car and go somewhere. Whatz with that? LOL
We took a stroll up our road to the main road to watch a bit of it. The boys had their hearts set on watching, I thought the fresh air would be great and hubby was moaning about 'what is the point of watching........' He just cannot get why people do this. I find it inspiring and my heart aches for those who seem to be suffering. The moments that stick out for me:
* When a rider dropped or something fell off his bike. How the other riders and a traffic officer retrieved the item and got it back to the rider. Team work, I tell you from a bunch of strangers.
* The 'snap' - a bike broke but there was a guy at the watering hole (as we call them) ready to help and get the rider back on the road.
* The nutz who dressed up for whatever reason and brought so many smiles to so many people.
For me the race is inspiring for hubby it is madness!! When Brad saw young boys cycling he felt inspired and stated that is something he would like to do. His dad was negative and I could of shot dad there on the spot - some glaring and yelling at him later sufficed. LOL
BUT, I don't see me cycling 94.7km's, however I do see myself climbing a mountain (one day). LOL Upon further investigation I looked more into the Mountain Bike challenge which happens the day before and there it was, a 10km ride for youngsters and newbies. Now that looks like fun!! Just maybe next year........................we'll see. ((grin))
Aah and I'll keep you in suspense over the "Santa Dilemma" and what happened with regards to our 'bird investigation'.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Santa dilemma!!

Let's hope my young ones don't read mommy's blog!! ((grin))

Brad fell in love yesterday with Mookie, an Indian Ringneck Parakeet/parrot. And was so happy that mommy had forgotten to post his letter to Santa because, well, now he needs to change it. Change it to what?? An Indian Ringneck Parakeet!! And we all know what a softie mommy is for animals. Way too soft for my own good!!

Brad is either really fooling me that he still believes in Santa at the age of 8 or I have managed to shelter him successfully from the naysayers (sp. who cares). LOL

I am working through the pro's and the con's in my head - somehow!! Today we go and investigate this idea further by seeing just what is involved. Hubby thinks this is a trip I must take myself. I told him he can't leave me alone in this. Me + Petshop = trouble!! I need his voice of reason....while doing this.

Wish me luck.......................................

Monday, November 10, 2008

A weekend with family, friends and 'She who will not be named"

I'm all social'd out!! By the time we left Jasmyn all I wanted was the sanctity of our home.
The birthday party was not as stressful as I had thought it would be and was in fact a lot of fun!! Of course there were those she who will not be named.

Walking Labyrinths..........

I am fascinated by them and I love walking them. I walked my first one with Ant a good couple of years back on Valentines Day. They hold a special place for me. Yesterday the kiddies were enjoying this one in their own special way so I did not walk it but enjoyed watching them and naturally capturing what I could on camera.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carys and those veggies!!

This had to be the cutest moment at lunch today. My sister Maryann, known to all of us as Mez stole some of Cary's veggies which she was having for lunch. Carys was not at all pleased with her Aunt one bit. It was most certainly todays highlight!!

Happy moments that make you want to smile.....

This is Connor (the little dude), Melanie (my cousin), Aunty Ginny (the world's Greatest Aunt) and Nadine (my cousin).
We've had some FUN times together. I miss our Sunday breakfasts..................those were yummy!!

Eish!! It's a chilly morning

It is a rather cold and chilly morning!! Eish!! It is a relief from the heat however. We are summoning up the courage to go to Carys's Blessing today. It is out at Harties (Hartebeespoorte Dam) way. A big bonus for me is the lovely farmstall out that way. I can stock up on some fresh veggies. Now I wore my denims yesterday, so not too sure what I have in the way of warm pants for today. Doubt I will do a skirt. LOL

Josh is very keen to go and besides that he wants to hook up with his brother who stayed with his cousins last night.

Have a snuggly Sunday, where ever you are. :))

Saturday, November 8, 2008

In that moment.............

more Birthday pics.....

Happy Birthday Munchkin!!

Really brave, really stupid or both!!

You have to understand that I am the uhmmm, black sheep of the family. The one who beats to the beat of her own drum. Who had and has NO time at all for family members who are cruel and horrid!!

My brother (yes, I have one of those) invited us to my niece's 1st Birthday party. It is today. Needless to say family members loved, tolerated and just plainly not tolerated are going to be there. Not sure I've seen some of them since I don't know when. I'm seriousley hoping I can find a tranquiliser in my handbag. I am almost certain I saw one floating around in there for an emergency just like this. LOL

I have her gift - probably spent way too much. Okay, almost certain I did!! But it jumped out at me and said 'This is it..."

I think hubby is waiting for the moment I back out. The moment I chicken out............and I am really trying to be brave. I keep telling myself that these are only people and I'm not there for them but my niece Carys. Could gobble her up she is just too cute!!

Better go and build on that courage!!

Have a super Saturday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful rain and last nights sunset!!

There were storm clouds about yesterday afternoon and the hope was that we would have some cool afternoon showers to cool everything down. It missed us!! But sometime in the night I woke up to thunder and lightning and the gentle patter of rain on our tin roof. I was duly lulled back to sleep. This morning we woke up and the rain is still with us. I love it!!
I hope it does not mess up my brother's plans for his daughters 1st Birthday party. I'm actually braving it and going even if half the family members I could quite happily do without as family are going to be there. They are not immediate family members!! But an uncle and cousins who made life miserable, my memories of them anyway. Needless to say I have no time for people who enjoy tearing others down!!
I managed to find a 'Character Education' that I want to incorporate with our homeschooling. Naturally, I could only find it in the USA. The group I am buying our curriculum from here did not want to sell me there 'Character Builders' without selling me the whole Bible section as well. I found it very sad that they practically said that sharing, trustworthiness, responsibility and other traits are only Christian traits. Made me go 'hmmmm' and reinforced why I beat my own drum when it comes to religion. Had to laugh though, the postage cost me more than the books themselves. But it was worth it!!
Cross fingers that after close on a 6 week wait our curriculum should arrive next week. Although the bits and bobs that I've found on the internet have been fun and we'll still be using them, especially Math Mammoth by Maria Miller. It seems to speak to Bradley and he gets Math with the way she brings it across.
Have a super weekend!! I intend too. I have some Amarula to go with those sunsets now!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Browswers and Money!!

It was another hard market yesterday!! Halfway through I had joined the chorus of fellow traders of not wanting to go to the December market. There were the 'Browsers'. These are people with nothing much to do on a Saturday morning so we'll take the kids out and go and have a looksie - these are the people who barely glance at your display!! We even moved our table further under our gazebo to make it far more pleasant to stop and look. A brief escape from the sun. Nope, didn't work. So we move the table back to the edge of the Gazebo as maybe everyone is passing by as what we are selling is not right on the path so to speak.

It was also another very, very quiet market and once again the traders were less. So many giving up!! But somehow 3 new jewellery traders had snuck in. Frustration for us others who were assured that no more jewellery would be permitted. Yeah, right!!

Later in the day the 'money' finally arrived. A few sales were made and light was seen at the end of the tunnel.

Now when you are at these markets I find myself watching people walk by and putting them into boxes. Not right, I know. But as humans we do because it is easier to put people in boxes to understand them. When I was placed in a box this week I was broken hearted. Although this idiot had told me directly to my face just in which box he had placed me and it hurt like hell. It still stings and I will recover. I was caught day dreaming or was that distracted by my two boys in the trolley while queueing. My fraction of distraction had a wimp of a man in his 20's telling me I had no right to be shopping in the shop I was shopping in. All because I had missed the teller whispering next. He was rude about it and I told him that he did not need to be rude and his attack ensued. It had me looking inward and today I still hate my hair. Yes, I blame my hair. LOL. The fact that I was probably dressed like a slumpadink mom who had been slaving away in her studio and had just shot out to fetch kiddies and run errands probably contributed to his box of me too.

But at markets you learn to tell the 'browsers' to the 'money'.

I won't even tell you about one woman and my wine stoppers. Needless to say - she thought my prices were extreme for something that was just glass!!

Pics from Saturday evening.