Saturday, November 8, 2008

Really brave, really stupid or both!!

You have to understand that I am the uhmmm, black sheep of the family. The one who beats to the beat of her own drum. Who had and has NO time at all for family members who are cruel and horrid!!

My brother (yes, I have one of those) invited us to my niece's 1st Birthday party. It is today. Needless to say family members loved, tolerated and just plainly not tolerated are going to be there. Not sure I've seen some of them since I don't know when. I'm seriousley hoping I can find a tranquiliser in my handbag. I am almost certain I saw one floating around in there for an emergency just like this. LOL

I have her gift - probably spent way too much. Okay, almost certain I did!! But it jumped out at me and said 'This is it..."

I think hubby is waiting for the moment I back out. The moment I chicken out............and I am really trying to be brave. I keep telling myself that these are only people and I'm not there for them but my niece Carys. Could gobble her up she is just too cute!!

Better go and build on that courage!!

Have a super Saturday.


angelinabeadalina said...

You know you can do it, Mich! It'll be worth it to see Carys celebrating her birthday. . . and just remember, you don't have to stay any longer than you're comfortable with staying. Go, have fun, and don't let the just plain tolerated ones spoil the occasion for you.

bea3855 said...

Oooh well, you are not alone:
I am quite what you could call the Black Sheep of the Family as well!
~ ♥ ~
They ALL lead a complete different life then I do and this is hard...
You an sign in to follow my blog as well now...saw it!?!! Welcome!
Thanx for your kind message; I do treasure that.
Enjoy your weekend
~ ♥ ~
Beatrice from Germnay