Friday, October 31, 2008

A wordy post for a change.........

This terrible 'mummy' got away with doing nothing for Halloween this year. I know, evil, terrible 'mummy'. Some bribery and corruption helped pave the way. LOL It was a sad moment when I realised I hadn't even considered a pumpkin for carving. And I was really getting the hang of those. I really enjoy doing them. Next year, I guess.

Hubby is being a slave driver and getting the boys to clean up their mess. I'm hiding here with my computer and laughing to myself. It is quite funny actually............but he somehow gets them doing things when I can't. Brad keeps trying to escape and his Dad keeps finding him.

Tomorrow is Market day. I know, I know - I must go there with an open mind - be prepared to enjoy a family day outing and hopefully some socialising with our Market friends, that is if they haven't decided to give this whole Market idea a miss. Deep down I hope we do as well if not better than the last market. We desperately need this 'bush whacker thingy majig' for our veld grass and nevermind that, my hair needs a trim - desperately!! Donations welcome. Just kidding!! (see picture above - LOL literally)

I have slaved away at the flame this week. Not sure my wrists can take much more - so they'll get a break tomorrow. I know I promised Deb (NZ) that I would try and do a Totem bead thingy - better late than never, I'll see if I can have a go at it on Sunday. And did you read about poor Hercules - the poor guy lost his 'noggins'. Not sure what I'm talking about - you'll just have to go and find Deb's blog (something to do about sewing) and that is the only hint you'll get. (grin). It's under my blog list, too.

It has been a tough week. A week which I can quite happily put behind me.

The kids are driving me nutz about Christmas. Marketing, I tell you!!

I just wanted to say 'Hi' to all my visitors. I'm so glad I've got the map thing going cause now I can see where my visitors are from and it's very exciting, well for me anyway.

Enjoy your Halloween and keep safe!!

Have a super weekend!! And as soon as I have recovered I'll give you a report back. Promise.

New work....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Adventures of the Dung Beetle

So there I was!! Checking out our huge, huge garden and electric fence after the rains we had last night. I spotted these guys while keeeping my eyes peeled to the ground due to snakes. (Brrrrrr) They were hard at work!! Being the mom I am I thought this was way cool and called the boys and naturally grabbed the camera (grin). Brad was excited as he had seen a nature programme about these guys and the work they do. In a sense it became real for him which is cool, at least I think so.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raining cats and dogs.........

We have all been looking up to the sky today and patiently waiting for the rain we all knew somehow was on it's way!! From selling my wares at a friends house this morning to a braai at at my best girlfriends place this afternoon.

Well it happened and is still happening. LOL The road home was treacherous!! Visibility was as we say here in South Africa - 'Kak'!! I'm night blind as it is and I think that poor man of mine was ready to boot me out of the car with all my backseat driving. "You're going to kill us" - sort of rings a bell. And as it was the poor guy was being careful. On the highway we were travelling with our hazards on, well 99% of the cars were - those born idiots that wanted to drive like maniacs still did.

My rugby team lost. (Sad face) Did I watch the game. Nope!! Far too busy socialising. LOL Thank goodness for dad's who keep their 'little girls' updated. Yes, I'm daddy's little girl and proud of it. (grin) Can someone please tell me how we survive without cell phones and sms's. Those sms's from my dad were appreciated!!

I am very happy with some of the wine stoppers I made last night. I also sold my last ring. Hoping I can convince my silversmithing buddy to help me put some more together. I can proudly say I have raised enough cash to clean the carpets. Woohooo!! Sad I know but an achievement in itself. Oh, and I managed to buy my two boys Rugby jerseys from the side of the road - much much cheaper than the shop kind.

I'll bombard you with pics from today a little bit later.

and a note for Elaine - yep, those pieces had to be kiln fired. I got them from my friend Rika this morning. My painting technique needs some work. (GRIN!!) But all in all for my first projects - not too shabby if I say so myself.

Night night!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rumbles in the distance

The photo does not show it at all but hopefully there is another late afternoon storm approaching. I can hear distant rumbles so crossing fingers that we'll get rain today. It saves me watering the veggie patch etc. etc. There is also nothing like the smell of rain.
Yesterdays trip to the farmstall resulted in a bunch or is that punnet of strawberries, home made strawberry jam and some gingerbeer. Yummy!! Those strawberries were finished quick, quick. They were really yummy!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My African Sunset

Sunday looking back...................

Getting over those fears!

I just had to do it. I mean how hard could it be. Not that hard apparently.
On Friday our first official rains started or is that those late afternoon/early evening highveld thunderstorms. Both I guess. By some miracle I managed to catch a lightning bolt over Johannesburg last night. I really need to find some time to learn more about my Nikon. One day I'll take the courses I want in photography. With the thunderstorms come power outages. Bugger!! But with all the practice we had at the beginning of the year with planned outages we just take them in our stride.
I'm thinking of taking a drive to the farmstall in the hopes they have baked some fresh bread for today. Maybe some homemade strawberry jam...........and get this room sorted out. Nope, it is not sorted out yet. I'm enjoying snuggling on the bed reading in a book. Not very productive at all.
The boys are driving me loco. Brad is determined to push boundaries and I'm determined not to give. Right now I'm in the mood to sell the TV.
I must be off. It's a beautiful Sunday.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Approaching Storm

What happens when you Grow-Up!!!

Our boys have their annual box of silkworms. This year it is easier because we actually have a Mulberry Tree in the garden. Hence my sister thought she could give us more than a few of them. LOL Some have already started spinning their cocoons much to the delight and interest of the boys.

I decided to be brave and see if I could actually pick one up. Oh Boy!! I couldn't!! Every time I tried - I got the heeby jeebys. LOL Now when I was a young girl I had NO issues. Could pick them up etc. etc. So what happens when we grow up - where does the bravado go???

Back soon.......................

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My head is a buzz with ideas!!!

All of a sudden my head is flooded with ideas and I'm frantically jotting ideas down on paper. Now not to lose said pieces of paper. LOL I need an Elaine Journal. (Grin)

The lady who bought the wine stopper at the market was estactically happy with it - that is the one photographed below. I even managed to get it all packaged. I am excited about my new packaging ideas too.

I'm going in a slightly new direction and in a couple of weeks should have something to show for it. On Wednesday I am taking up Pottery with a good friend of mine. I've been itching to get my hands stuck into some clay and it's going to happen soon. No, it doesn't mean I'm giving up glass. I'm going to be combining it and I'm seriousley hoping that what is in my head makes it into a finished piece. I can only thank Ang for the inspiration, and me being brave enough to looking at glass in a whole different way.

Now the Rand/Dollar is sadly depressing right now. It has put a hiccup in my wine stoppers!! With the Rand so weak against the dollar I might just have to go with an economical range for now. Or it could just be might 'stupid' brain thinking that using rubber stoppers is not as elegant as a metal wine stopper. What do you all think??

Hmmmm, and apparently I just laundered my ATM card. Guess I need to check my own pockets. LOL

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are. We have a birthday party this afternoon. Tomorrow is get our 'classroom' finished and hopefully some molten glass.

Chat soon............

Monday, October 6, 2008

The sky is falling.................

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on the pendant.

Elaine, you don't even want to know the exchange rate right now. A dollar now costs us R8.82 or something like that. Bad if I need something from the USA - Fab if someone buys from me. (Grin) Bummer is that it is like you said 'the sky is falling' and not just in the US but here too.

And I desperately need wine stoppers and with the rate as it is now - it aint going to happen. (Pout)

Well, crime is a hot topic right now but we're going to put it aside for now - right!! Well, I'm going to try.

I've ordered our HS curriculum. Eventually!! Now the scare is if they actually get the legislation changed. That will NOT be fun!!! I might be typing to you then from a jail cell then. Won't that be fun!!

Some GOOD NEWS is that we actually did well at the Market. It helped to go with NO expectations whatsoever!! Crossing fingers that this carries on for the next few markets. It was our best ever. Not sure what was different. This time I did make sure that our 'We accept Credit Cards' was very much at Eye Level!! I think it helped.

Anyway - it's 4pm and I have a zillion things still to do.

Back soon....

I must 'trust' the Post office.......

Can we say 'yeah right' with a heavy sarcastic undertone. Service sucks!!!

(Me) Do you have airmail stamps.
(Lady behind counter) No!!
(Me) Then how will they know to send it airmail.
(LBC) They will see how much you paid!!
(Me) You're kidding me right - seriousley who is going to check what I paid and then say - must go airmail.
(LBC) What, you don't trust the Post Office.
(Me) No!!
(LBC) They check the package thoroughly.
(Me - to myself) - yeah to see if you can get anything out of it..........

(Me) Why are those packages so cheap?? Are you sure that you have charged me for airmail??
(LBC) Yes!!
(Me) Where are my tracking no.'s??
(LBC) You didn't ask for them to be registered.
(Me) What part of I want this package to get there safely and in one piece did you not get??

(Okay so I was not clear but our conversation started going south after the one package cost over R500.00 ) - and she was are you sure. And I was 'Of course I am sure, the package has to go by air and not sea - of course I am sure'.

Can you tell I had fun at the Post Office......

Flower Pendant

Friday, October 3, 2008

My second wine stopper!!

I'm not quite sure what to say except THANK YOU!!

Wow!! Thanks!! I definitely feel honoured.

I'm off to work on a little speech and some further nominations.

To market, to market............

to be filled with dread!! Not too positive, right!! So we'll try: 'To market, to make some good sales. (Grin)

Tomorrow is the Midrand Urban Market. I have paid in advance, got a picnic thing going and have some new stock. Okay, not a lot - but I have some. It should count for something. I have wine stoppers, can you believe it. I've tried photographing them, but they're buggers to photograph and they're my BEST implosions ever. Even if I do say so myself. LOL

So some of you would like to know where we would think of relocating too. New Zealand, would be the place. Do you know they pay you if you homeschool your kiddies. Not that I would expect to be paid but isn't it amazing how some countries approach HS. Our local government is trying to draft new Legislation basically making it very difficult to HS in the Province we live in. It has added some spin into the tailspin I'm already in. LOL First time I've ever written an objection letter to the Government. Hehehehe!!! BUT Elaine is very right. Moving is stressful and we all know how I handled a simple move of about 10km's. Another Country would be interesting..........

Yep, the Rand is going kablooey. And yes it is hard to stay positive in a Country where everything seems to be well, NEGATIVE currently!! Yesterday, a man was ambushed on the freeway. The BASTARDS placed rocks and other destructive paraphenalia over the road to ambush/hijack a car. This caused significant damage to his car and then killed him with his own gun. If there was ever a reason to purchase those Firestone All Road Hazard guarantee tyres - I guess this would be it.
Taxis are a rule unto their own. And I'm questioning the so called Democracy we live in. Because let me tell you everything is VERY black and white!! If you get what I'm saying. I have to wonder if we will every be able to get past that in our Country. Yes, I did have a bit of a Road Rage incident where I want to RAM up that Taxi's ASS and give him what for!! But that would have been just plain STUPID!! I could handle things going to pot, seriousley I could - give me recessions, give me a crisis, give me anything BUT RACISM!! Are we forever going to have to pay for the past?? Will APARTHEID be the blame for everything. Will we be able to as a Country put it behind us and move on. Oh, and Trevor Manuel. I don't think the unemployment in South Africa is grossy over exaggerated or whatever you said to the BBC.

The good news is: It's thundering etc. etc. and we're having our first rain. Woohooooo!! The dust will be settled and tomorrow will be SQUEEEEEEKY CLEAN AND FRESH!!! I'm comtemplating running around nekkid in the rain - but I might just scare it all away. It feels that good. As for the market - the weather might just have other plans. Then I get to stay in bed and read a good book. In my dreams, but a girl can dream can't she!!

Have a good one!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You know that saying....

or maybe you don't. LOL

'Running around like a blue arsed fly!!'

Well it is a common one here. And dealing with some ear issues as well - not fun!! I'm even considering a visit to the GP and for me that is desperation. (Big Grin inserted here)

I've had a week of kiddies. Both mine and my sisters but today was just me and the boys. We watched our first 3D movie. Interesting!! I especially loved the bugs. Now I'll have to make a plan for 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'. I'm hoping to be on track again soon. I was just getting into a routine and 'poof' it was gone!! Not good at all.

There are also some serious relocation discussions going on between me and hubby. SA politics/politicians right now are quite frankly - a pain in the ASS!!

As you can see Ang - SA is still here. LOL But right now we're planning our escape AGAIN!! This time I must get my butt in gear and get the boys passports sorted out.

Up the Mulberry Tree