Monday, October 20, 2008

Rumbles in the distance

The photo does not show it at all but hopefully there is another late afternoon storm approaching. I can hear distant rumbles so crossing fingers that we'll get rain today. It saves me watering the veggie patch etc. etc. There is also nothing like the smell of rain.
Yesterdays trip to the farmstall resulted in a bunch or is that punnet of strawberries, home made strawberry jam and some gingerbeer. Yummy!! Those strawberries were finished quick, quick. They were really yummy!!


angelinabeadalina said...

Well, I can't wait to see your pics, thunderstorm or not...your Sunday pics were so intense, and the sunsets were gorgeous, too. Mich, you have a way of telling us so much about your world with your pictures!

P.S. The Moochie says thanks for the scratch behind the ears :)

Kyfarmlife said...

WOW! I am glad you stopped by! Its nice to meet you! I love your blog and all your pictures! Your so good at photography! Now your gonna make me step up! LOL Its so cool your in Africa. My ex-father in law was a missionary to Zambia and Maputo Mozambique. He was murdered by robbers back in 2000. Very sad, good man. I have always loved his tails of Africa and the pictures and souviners he would bring me. I love the culture and history and flauna and mostly...the lucky you are! I love your beads too, just too awesome