Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raining cats and dogs.........

We have all been looking up to the sky today and patiently waiting for the rain we all knew somehow was on it's way!! From selling my wares at a friends house this morning to a braai at at my best girlfriends place this afternoon.

Well it happened and is still happening. LOL The road home was treacherous!! Visibility was as we say here in South Africa - 'Kak'!! I'm night blind as it is and I think that poor man of mine was ready to boot me out of the car with all my backseat driving. "You're going to kill us" - sort of rings a bell. And as it was the poor guy was being careful. On the highway we were travelling with our hazards on, well 99% of the cars were - those born idiots that wanted to drive like maniacs still did.

My rugby team lost. (Sad face) Did I watch the game. Nope!! Far too busy socialising. LOL Thank goodness for dad's who keep their 'little girls' updated. Yes, I'm daddy's little girl and proud of it. (grin) Can someone please tell me how we survive without cell phones and sms's. Those sms's from my dad were appreciated!!

I am very happy with some of the wine stoppers I made last night. I also sold my last ring. Hoping I can convince my silversmithing buddy to help me put some more together. I can proudly say I have raised enough cash to clean the carpets. Woohooo!! Sad I know but an achievement in itself. Oh, and I managed to buy my two boys Rugby jerseys from the side of the road - much much cheaper than the shop kind.

I'll bombard you with pics from today a little bit later.

and a note for Elaine - yep, those pieces had to be kiln fired. I got them from my friend Rika this morning. My painting technique needs some work. (GRIN!!) But all in all for my first projects - not too shabby if I say so myself.

Night night!!

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Kyfarmlife said...

Sounds like a lovely day! In spite of the rain! Glad you were safe to make more beautiful pieces of art!