Monday, October 6, 2008

I must 'trust' the Post office.......

Can we say 'yeah right' with a heavy sarcastic undertone. Service sucks!!!

(Me) Do you have airmail stamps.
(Lady behind counter) No!!
(Me) Then how will they know to send it airmail.
(LBC) They will see how much you paid!!
(Me) You're kidding me right - seriousley who is going to check what I paid and then say - must go airmail.
(LBC) What, you don't trust the Post Office.
(Me) No!!
(LBC) They check the package thoroughly.
(Me - to myself) - yeah to see if you can get anything out of it..........

(Me) Why are those packages so cheap?? Are you sure that you have charged me for airmail??
(LBC) Yes!!
(Me) Where are my tracking no.'s??
(LBC) You didn't ask for them to be registered.
(Me) What part of I want this package to get there safely and in one piece did you not get??

(Okay so I was not clear but our conversation started going south after the one package cost over R500.00 ) - and she was are you sure. And I was 'Of course I am sure, the package has to go by air and not sea - of course I am sure'.

Can you tell I had fun at the Post Office......

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Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Wow you've got the same people working at the PO over there as we have here.... it must be part of the civil service exam... it insures they are all IDIOTS!!!!