Friday, October 3, 2008

To market, to market............

to be filled with dread!! Not too positive, right!! So we'll try: 'To market, to make some good sales. (Grin)

Tomorrow is the Midrand Urban Market. I have paid in advance, got a picnic thing going and have some new stock. Okay, not a lot - but I have some. It should count for something. I have wine stoppers, can you believe it. I've tried photographing them, but they're buggers to photograph and they're my BEST implosions ever. Even if I do say so myself. LOL

So some of you would like to know where we would think of relocating too. New Zealand, would be the place. Do you know they pay you if you homeschool your kiddies. Not that I would expect to be paid but isn't it amazing how some countries approach HS. Our local government is trying to draft new Legislation basically making it very difficult to HS in the Province we live in. It has added some spin into the tailspin I'm already in. LOL First time I've ever written an objection letter to the Government. Hehehehe!!! BUT Elaine is very right. Moving is stressful and we all know how I handled a simple move of about 10km's. Another Country would be interesting..........

Yep, the Rand is going kablooey. And yes it is hard to stay positive in a Country where everything seems to be well, NEGATIVE currently!! Yesterday, a man was ambushed on the freeway. The BASTARDS placed rocks and other destructive paraphenalia over the road to ambush/hijack a car. This caused significant damage to his car and then killed him with his own gun. If there was ever a reason to purchase those Firestone All Road Hazard guarantee tyres - I guess this would be it.
Taxis are a rule unto their own. And I'm questioning the so called Democracy we live in. Because let me tell you everything is VERY black and white!! If you get what I'm saying. I have to wonder if we will every be able to get past that in our Country. Yes, I did have a bit of a Road Rage incident where I want to RAM up that Taxi's ASS and give him what for!! But that would have been just plain STUPID!! I could handle things going to pot, seriousley I could - give me recessions, give me a crisis, give me anything BUT RACISM!! Are we forever going to have to pay for the past?? Will APARTHEID be the blame for everything. Will we be able to as a Country put it behind us and move on. Oh, and Trevor Manuel. I don't think the unemployment in South Africa is grossy over exaggerated or whatever you said to the BBC.

The good news is: It's thundering etc. etc. and we're having our first rain. Woohooooo!! The dust will be settled and tomorrow will be SQUEEEEEEKY CLEAN AND FRESH!!! I'm comtemplating running around nekkid in the rain - but I might just scare it all away. It feels that good. As for the market - the weather might just have other plans. Then I get to stay in bed and read a good book. In my dreams, but a girl can dream can't she!!

Have a good one!!!

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