Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting over those fears!

I just had to do it. I mean how hard could it be. Not that hard apparently.
On Friday our first official rains started or is that those late afternoon/early evening highveld thunderstorms. Both I guess. By some miracle I managed to catch a lightning bolt over Johannesburg last night. I really need to find some time to learn more about my Nikon. One day I'll take the courses I want in photography. With the thunderstorms come power outages. Bugger!! But with all the practice we had at the beginning of the year with planned outages we just take them in our stride.
I'm thinking of taking a drive to the farmstall in the hopes they have baked some fresh bread for today. Maybe some homemade strawberry jam...........and get this room sorted out. Nope, it is not sorted out yet. I'm enjoying snuggling on the bed reading in a book. Not very productive at all.
The boys are driving me loco. Brad is determined to push boundaries and I'm determined not to give. Right now I'm in the mood to sell the TV.
I must be off. It's a beautiful Sunday.

1 comment:

Deb said...

The photo - now that wouldn't be a silkworm in your hot little hand there would it Mich??? ;o)
Well done!