Saturday, October 18, 2008

What happens when you Grow-Up!!!

Our boys have their annual box of silkworms. This year it is easier because we actually have a Mulberry Tree in the garden. Hence my sister thought she could give us more than a few of them. LOL Some have already started spinning their cocoons much to the delight and interest of the boys.

I decided to be brave and see if I could actually pick one up. Oh Boy!! I couldn't!! Every time I tried - I got the heeby jeebys. LOL Now when I was a young girl I had NO issues. Could pick them up etc. etc. So what happens when we grow up - where does the bravado go???

Back soon.......................

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Maggie said...

Michelle, I'm the same way with salamanders. As a kid I played with them whenever I was at the cabin. Now my niece picks them up and I just admire from a distance. Sad really.