Friday, October 31, 2008

A wordy post for a change.........

This terrible 'mummy' got away with doing nothing for Halloween this year. I know, evil, terrible 'mummy'. Some bribery and corruption helped pave the way. LOL It was a sad moment when I realised I hadn't even considered a pumpkin for carving. And I was really getting the hang of those. I really enjoy doing them. Next year, I guess.

Hubby is being a slave driver and getting the boys to clean up their mess. I'm hiding here with my computer and laughing to myself. It is quite funny actually............but he somehow gets them doing things when I can't. Brad keeps trying to escape and his Dad keeps finding him.

Tomorrow is Market day. I know, I know - I must go there with an open mind - be prepared to enjoy a family day outing and hopefully some socialising with our Market friends, that is if they haven't decided to give this whole Market idea a miss. Deep down I hope we do as well if not better than the last market. We desperately need this 'bush whacker thingy majig' for our veld grass and nevermind that, my hair needs a trim - desperately!! Donations welcome. Just kidding!! (see picture above - LOL literally)

I have slaved away at the flame this week. Not sure my wrists can take much more - so they'll get a break tomorrow. I know I promised Deb (NZ) that I would try and do a Totem bead thingy - better late than never, I'll see if I can have a go at it on Sunday. And did you read about poor Hercules - the poor guy lost his 'noggins'. Not sure what I'm talking about - you'll just have to go and find Deb's blog (something to do about sewing) and that is the only hint you'll get. (grin). It's under my blog list, too.

It has been a tough week. A week which I can quite happily put behind me.

The kids are driving me nutz about Christmas. Marketing, I tell you!!

I just wanted to say 'Hi' to all my visitors. I'm so glad I've got the map thing going cause now I can see where my visitors are from and it's very exciting, well for me anyway.

Enjoy your Halloween and keep safe!!

Have a super weekend!! And as soon as I have recovered I'll give you a report back. Promise.


angelinabeadalina said...

Hope Market Day is a good one tomorrow! Enjoy your day out and sell all those gorgeous winestoppers-- grownups can be thinking about Christmas and buying presents this early, too, ya know!

Isn't it amazing how a deep voice gets the munchkins' attention when they tune out everything a mommy says? My oldest is the one who likes to hide from the site of work, too. Glad you got a break, Mom!

Deb said...

Hey Mich - I'm with ya on oh so many levels!
The kids & Christmas, needing a haircut & managing to escape Halloween this year.
My daughter stayed overnight with a friend & ressurected a costume from a couple of years back (YAY that I made it on the 'big' size at the time).
We took a walk along the beach to find driftwood for future totems - what an easy out huh? ;o)