Monday, November 17, 2008

Cycle Challange Sunday (Inspiration or Madness)

Yesterday was that time of the year again, it was Cycle Challenge Sunday. This time we were in the thick of it with two major roads blocking us in and me feeling trapped. It is not that I mind and I sort of prepare myself for it but when the day arrives all I want to do is get in the car and go somewhere. Whatz with that? LOL
We took a stroll up our road to the main road to watch a bit of it. The boys had their hearts set on watching, I thought the fresh air would be great and hubby was moaning about 'what is the point of watching........' He just cannot get why people do this. I find it inspiring and my heart aches for those who seem to be suffering. The moments that stick out for me:
* When a rider dropped or something fell off his bike. How the other riders and a traffic officer retrieved the item and got it back to the rider. Team work, I tell you from a bunch of strangers.
* The 'snap' - a bike broke but there was a guy at the watering hole (as we call them) ready to help and get the rider back on the road.
* The nutz who dressed up for whatever reason and brought so many smiles to so many people.
For me the race is inspiring for hubby it is madness!! When Brad saw young boys cycling he felt inspired and stated that is something he would like to do. His dad was negative and I could of shot dad there on the spot - some glaring and yelling at him later sufficed. LOL
BUT, I don't see me cycling 94.7km's, however I do see myself climbing a mountain (one day). LOL Upon further investigation I looked more into the Mountain Bike challenge which happens the day before and there it was, a 10km ride for youngsters and newbies. Now that looks like fun!! Just maybe next year........................we'll see. ((grin))
Aah and I'll keep you in suspense over the "Santa Dilemma" and what happened with regards to our 'bird investigation'.....


Kyfarmlife said...

How fun! I think you should go for it!!!!!!!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Yep, ya oughtta do it next year, Mich! Both the little boys could be in the youth and newbie one, as well as you! I say let Ant take pictures and be a coach/cheerleader for you guys :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I've done a 100K ride more than once... it's fun and if you work up to it doing 10Ks it isn't that hard... So I too so GO FOR IT!!!
I LOVE my birds, but Parakeets can be hateful and bite so be sure you get a hand raised one that hasn't been in the pet shop too long (people sticking fingers at them day after day makes them mean)... that's all my birdy advise :-)