Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Santa dilemma!!

Let's hope my young ones don't read mommy's blog!! ((grin))

Brad fell in love yesterday with Mookie, an Indian Ringneck Parakeet/parrot. And was so happy that mommy had forgotten to post his letter to Santa because, well, now he needs to change it. Change it to what?? An Indian Ringneck Parakeet!! And we all know what a softie mommy is for animals. Way too soft for my own good!!

Brad is either really fooling me that he still believes in Santa at the age of 8 or I have managed to shelter him successfully from the naysayers (sp. who cares). LOL

I am working through the pro's and the con's in my head - somehow!! Today we go and investigate this idea further by seeing just what is involved. Hubby thinks this is a trip I must take myself. I told him he can't leave me alone in this. Me + Petshop = trouble!! I need his voice of reason....while doing this.

Wish me luck.......................................


angelinabeadalina said...

So, what do you think Brad is going to name his new bird? :) How did the pet shop trip turn out?
As for the Santa question and reading your blog, let me assure you that they only read Mom's blog when you don't really want them to see what you've written... Santa was just mentioned by my two yesterday, too. Apparently, one of the girls in their classroom "doesn't believe in Santa Claus! She'll get coal instead of presents!" I guess this means Ricky and I can expect this to be the last year of believing for our two.

Maggie said...

Looking to hear the follow up to this post. Seems one can never have too many animals once started.

My nieces, nephew, and best friend's jock of a son all believed in Santa until about 8th grade, 13 years of age! Love that. Parents were the ones to break the news to all.