Sunday, November 2, 2008

Browswers and Money!!

It was another hard market yesterday!! Halfway through I had joined the chorus of fellow traders of not wanting to go to the December market. There were the 'Browsers'. These are people with nothing much to do on a Saturday morning so we'll take the kids out and go and have a looksie - these are the people who barely glance at your display!! We even moved our table further under our gazebo to make it far more pleasant to stop and look. A brief escape from the sun. Nope, didn't work. So we move the table back to the edge of the Gazebo as maybe everyone is passing by as what we are selling is not right on the path so to speak.

It was also another very, very quiet market and once again the traders were less. So many giving up!! But somehow 3 new jewellery traders had snuck in. Frustration for us others who were assured that no more jewellery would be permitted. Yeah, right!!

Later in the day the 'money' finally arrived. A few sales were made and light was seen at the end of the tunnel.

Now when you are at these markets I find myself watching people walk by and putting them into boxes. Not right, I know. But as humans we do because it is easier to put people in boxes to understand them. When I was placed in a box this week I was broken hearted. Although this idiot had told me directly to my face just in which box he had placed me and it hurt like hell. It still stings and I will recover. I was caught day dreaming or was that distracted by my two boys in the trolley while queueing. My fraction of distraction had a wimp of a man in his 20's telling me I had no right to be shopping in the shop I was shopping in. All because I had missed the teller whispering next. He was rude about it and I told him that he did not need to be rude and his attack ensued. It had me looking inward and today I still hate my hair. Yes, I blame my hair. LOL. The fact that I was probably dressed like a slumpadink mom who had been slaving away in her studio and had just shot out to fetch kiddies and run errands probably contributed to his box of me too.

But at markets you learn to tell the 'browsers' to the 'money'.

I won't even tell you about one woman and my wine stoppers. Needless to say - she thought my prices were extreme for something that was just glass!!

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angelinabeadalina said...

People watching is just the most entertaining thing to do. Those boxes we create for others are interesting, too. I think as we get more mature, we practice more empathy with our categorizations. That boy in his 20's may have put you in his slumpadink box out of frustration, but I'll bet when he's in his 30's he'll have a different take on the situation. Hopefully, he'll come to see busy parents as people who juggle many tasks and use their time efficiently. By his 40's, maybe he'll understand the joy of throwing yourself into your work wholeheartedly without worrying as much about the time-- then he'll see a mom in sweats and messy hair who also has a personal satisfaction with her life.

Of course, this is my hope because I am definitely a happy slumpadink whose feelings would've been hurt by that jerk's remarks, too.