Friday, November 28, 2008

Just call me mom.....

Oh boy....nearly forgot how to log into my blog there for a while. LOL

All consuming threads, some magic Secret Santa's, hand rearing a bird and the boys.....and, well, life. I'm consumed with busy-ee-nus!!!

Tonight I was reminded by a post of Angies about looking through the lens. Tonight was Josh's Christmas / Year End concert at his little school. There I am camera, video camera and only so many arms. Obsessed with catching it all on film and missing the best part of it. Just being a mom who should be able to just watch. So I took those deserved moments and just watched Josh - absolute heaven!! My little Angel was brilliant. Hang on, he was a Shepherd. ((grin)) LOL
My fruit kebabs were thankfully all eaten up by the parents. Shooooo, got something right!!

So looking at all these moms, I seem to be the only career-less one. The plain Jane out of the lot. Some I get along with, some I just don't understand and some I just sure don't understand me. But nothing annoys we more than a mom who has all the time in world for you on certain days - and then can't even greet you on another.

Then there is the FEEDING FRENZY for the front row. Now admittedly I had made sure that I was one of the first to arrive and actually got in second and believe it or not still did not make the front row. LOL No worries - the side worked out just fine for me!! You see those darn chairs arrived pretty late......Oh Well!! But I find parents fascinating creatures at events like these. The claws come out - the looks - the 'I'm going to hit you hard with this camera' type look - do you have these moments at school events. On my way back home I had time to reflect. I now know why my Nikon spends most of it's time with the bigger and better lens on - because even if this mom ends up in the back row - it's like being in the front row. LOL Saves me having to beat up other parents to get in the front row. BUT tonight I only had the pitiful normal lens. But hey hubby managed to sneak in some shots. LOL Where was I - ensuring that I got some of it on tape.

Now I'm listening to my Josh Groban, Noel CD (Love ya Maggie), while I catch up with my www friends.

A special Thank You to Diana (Canada) and Sandy (USA) who gifted me with beautiful tutorials. It means so much to me!!
And just maybe Josh (that is my Josh) has the right idea. A cusion, lying comfy on the floor where it's nice and cool and listening to soothing Christmas Carols is the way to go this Christmas season.

To all my Divas (you know who you are), to all my friends and family who read my blog. I love ya stacks and thanks for being there when I needed you and for all those moments to come be they happy or be they sad or be they just plain mad!!

And if you see me carrying a platter, a camera, a video camera, handbag and 2 barefoot boys in tow - Just call me mom.......


Maggie said...

Love you too Michelle!

angelinabeadalina said...

They are terrific pictures, Mich! I am so glad you took a few breaks to watch it without the lens, too. You did good! Heck, anyone who can fight the front row frenzy has my admiration. I just got a nifty new Nikon for an early Christmas present, and I do believe now that I have a good zoom I will take your advice and happily take pics from the back row!

As for being the only career-less mom, don't sell yourself short because you don't have a fancy resume right are a great mom, fun wife, terrific glass melter, pet nurturer, all of that and more (like photographer, gardener)!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Mich honey... you are an ARTEEST... don't forget that... they have jobs... but YOU have put your CHILDREN first... why have them if you're not going to raise them? Say that to a snooty working Mom... don't be so sure they don't envy you... cause I surely do wish I'd been able to stay home with my daughter... and I'm so glad she is staying home with her girls... and she's an ARTEEST too you know...
Hum pushing and shoving matches... I guess I never paid much attention... since I stand just shy of 6ft tall, and played football with my brothers... no woman I've ever met wants to get in a shoving match with me... no contest... I WIN :-)