Sunday, August 24, 2008

Okay, last one......and thinking I should hide the camera looks like I'm about to be clawed. LOL

Today was a beautiful summers day. You would almost think winter was history and that we had skipped Spring. Oh well, the cooler evening was a reminder that winter is still on it's way out.

The family was out in the garden, got family pics too. Well of the boys, I'm behind the camera. Great excuse don't you think. LOL

Because some of our dogs love to chase kitty cats, this kitty has only had outdoor time supervised by all of us and she most certainly had fun. Can you tell!!

We planted some bite size tomato seeds, as well as carrots. We also got some butternuts planted too. I found 3 gorgeous daisy type bushes, well when they grow up they'll be all gorgeous and planted those as well.

FUN in the SUN!!!

what did you do.............

ooh, ooh, and the 'no sale curse' was broken. I could hug someone right now!!!!!!!!!!!

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Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Aww kitty is so darn cute... does she have a name yet like fritta or something?
I LOVE that heart bead with the red in it... so interesting looking.
Bed time for me... you're probably down for the count too... have a great Monday.