Friday, August 29, 2008

I shall dance to the beat of my own drum!! I will learn to dance in the rain!!

I've woken up and feel rejuvenated!! Shooooo!! Ready to face another potential busy day.
I have been blessed to find someone local who makes Natural body care products. The yummy soaps, body butter, linen sprays etc. The linen sprays being at the top of my Agenda. Not sure if you know but I have gone from conventional washing powders and softners to Soap Nuts. If you're not sure what Soap Nuts are, I'll take a pic of mine later. Anyway my wild idea is to use the linen sprays to give my laundry some 'pretty smelly' back as the soap nuts basically have NO smell at all.
Today's adventures include. Birthday boy gift shopping (at these times I feel I don't know my kids) LOL and taking a wild step in our curriculum. Now why wild?? I cannot answer that right now - except that what I would like to do is extreme for me.
I shall dance to the beat of my own drum!! I will learn to dance in the rain!!
oh, and get my whiteboard. LOL
Now all the women out there. Tell me. Why are haircuts so 'blooming' EXPENSIVE?? As some of you might know at the beginning of the year 'I did it'. I shaved most of my hair off for Cancer Shavathon. It is growing back and needs some direction. Pop into the new Salon at the centre we frequent and my jaw drops to the floor R300.00 to have this short mop sorted. You got to be kidding right!! I mean seriousley. So there went that idea for a haircut. I know one of bookclubs ladies go to a lady who is brilliant and I could probably have a cut, colour, highlights all for the same price. I must just find her.


angelinabeadalina said...

Keep on dancing to the beat of your own drum!
I can't wait to hear about the wild step in the curriculum. After the birthday rush settles some, do you think Brad would still like a penpal? James thinks it would be very cool to have a friend in South Africa.

Oh, and the haircut thing blows my mind, too. Why is a short haircut for a woman at least twice as much as one for a man??

Deb said...

Oh yeah - pleased that today was better for you Mich!

I agree about the costs of haircuts - sinful! I usually keep my hair dead short, but have just figured what I save on shampoo & conditioner - I spend on hairdressing.

Tell me - are any others out there convinced that females get into the hairdressing profession because they enjoy looking at themselves in a mirror all day? ;o)