Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey, hey, it's Friday..........

Okay, so weekends mean diddly squat except for tons more housework on Monday. LOL But at least I have hubby for two whole days out of the week.

I can see I am going to have to use some bribery and corruption here to get those kitty names coming my way. Come on guys. Get creative!!!

I most certainly had a productive day at the torch but sadly two of the pendants cracked. Eek!! I have never had that happen before - and to one of the nicest flower pendants I did today as well. I tried reproducing it but to no avail, just goes to show how challenging boro can be. LOL Not good if I cannot copy my own work. LOL!!


Carpet Sprinkle

1 Box Bicarbonate of Soda

Essential Oils

Tea Tree (10 drops)
Lavender (25 drops)
Lemon Grass (10 drops)

I found the trick is to pour some of the bicarb into a bowl and then add a couple of drops of each of the essential oils and mix them in thoroughly with a wooden spoon and then and more bicarb and some more drops and repeat the process a couple of times. You don't want to get clumps.

Then distribute into shaker containers. I found some nice cheap inexpensive ones at a plastic store here.

The longer you let it rest before using it the stronger the smell. I pretty much think you can experiment with various essential oils.

It was quick and easy and alot more affordable than store bought stuff.

Today I also found out that one of the homeschool moms on one of the groups I belong to is now selling a natural soap that can be used for washing clothes etc. Check out this link:

I ordered a bag today. If it works the way it says it does - I'll save heaps in that area too.

I know I'm even scaring myself. But I am even trying to bring greener issues into my glass. I now make my pendants and then batch anneal at the end of the day. This way I don't have the kiln running all day long. Thank goodness for boro. And what is even nicer is there is a company who makes boro who is also doing it's best to go green.

We have a fun weekend ahead of us. The Homeschool Expo tomorrow and then lunch with Mignon and family. Sunday should hopefully be a Esty listing day with some more molten glass. Woohoo!!

Have a good one guys!!


angelinabeadalina said...

Mich, I just got home, and just now saw the kitty name plea and those pendants! First off, the pendants are too cool! I'll be thinking of kitty name suggestions. I love gray striped kittehs (and orange stripe ones, and calico ones, and...).

Deb said...

Thanks for the recipe ! Way cool - I actually have all of those ingredients (& oils) in house.

Now the second I saw your photo of Kitty the other day a name popped into my head - but do you think I can remember it now? Not a chance.
Going to try though!