Sunday, August 10, 2008

Whatevery you do, may it be graceful

The South African National Bird : The Blue Crane

Our day is planned and it is full steam ahead. Have to return some dog food this morning and get some soil to plant some seeds. Another visit to the farmstall. This time I'm taking the camera with. It has such a charm to it.

The rest of the day is going to be hubby attacking the garage filled with boxes. The boys and I will do some planting and hopefully some glass melting this afternoon. With Spring coming along some of you know how I can slow down on the glass, guess I can't this time around with my quiet period that I just had.

Bailey is growing at a fast rate of knots. He is too cute. He has adjusted well to this mad family and fits in. We just had a moment with his food which resulted in the purchase of some really expensive food (eeek) but it worked. Even the flatulence seems less. I suppose if I had to add up the cost of the natural remedy for flatulence plus the cheaper dog food it evens out in the end. The only other problem we had with this last bag is that it upset his tummy - the previous bag didn't. I contacted the people who developed it and have made arrangements to have it returned in case there is a hiccup with the batch. With this really expensive make we have less poops and less flatulence. Go figure!!

Wondering where all the animal pics are coming from. Josh's school had a trip to a little Zoo around here. Hence the cute Meerkat and beautiful bird pics. Sadly, I'm not keen on these really small zoos. It's hearbreaking but I suppose a necessary evil. Aren't we humans a destructive race. The worst was is the smell. It seemed to cling to me. I got home and changed immediately. Yuck!! Guess a shower would have been in order but I tackled watering the garden instead.

Have fun this Sunday whatever you have planned. Whether it be with family or time with just you. Enjoy every second of it!!


Deb said...

The blue crane is gorgeous!!
Isn't it amazing what a change of diet can bring about with dogs (& cats for that matter) - we notice that our mad cat doesn't shed as much, had a healthier coat & is better behaved when she has her expensive stuff - she also doesn't bat it all out of the bowl & over the floor.
Mind you that could just be a cunning ploy!

I agree with you on the small zoo's - it's kind of gut wrenching to see animals in captivity - but as you say, a lot of times it is for their own protection.

angelinabeadalina said...

I hear what you are saying about the small zoo. Hopefully, the animals there can have a decent life, if not the one nature intended...and hopefully, all those children who see the animals up close will value the experience of seeing them. That, in turn, should eventually make a difference. I really enjoyed the meerkat and crane pictures. Hope you got to melt some glass today :)