Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some serious kite building going on.....

Yesterday we had some time-out at Josh's school. In the afternoon some aftercare takes place as well as it being a venue for moms to come and chill and have some tea and cake.

Teacher Pam is certainly very creative and yesterday stated that for aftercare they were going to make kites and fly them. Of course it is August and we should have ideal kite flying winds. Well we live in hope. LOL

Coming by the kite flying material was not proving easy and the dell sticks and that were causing more frustration than anything else. Off I shot to the Nursery in the hopes of finding the right bamboo. Found a piece and to our dismay later on it was discovered that the bamboo was not young enough.

This morning Brad and I tried a different nursery. On and off of being there I somehow remembered that they hand tons of the stuff growing. Spoke to the lady who works there who thought I was nutz, but then what is new - she got one of the guys who works there to head to the back with me to have a looksie and lo and behold there was some young bamboo. Naturally on the way Brad and I were distracted by the peach and apricot trees and the mutual thought was we had to get some. So much for just getting the needed bamboo. LOL

We had 7 pieces of young bamboo, a peach tree and an apricot tree. On the shopping list for the future are a few hanepoort grape plants as well. Are they trees or bushes?? For the life of me I cannot think of what a grape plant is called. Senior moment!!

On the cards for aftercare today is another attempt at the kites!! Brad's and I will miss most of the action but that is OK!! We're crossing fingers they will have fun. We'll know once we collect Josh how it went or how the kite flying project is progressing.

As for the now. My kiln is on, and I have actually pulled out some clear boro rods and now I need to sort out my colours. Can we hopefully say some Pipry Creatures might just be made today. Well attempts at them anyway.

Have a great one!!



Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

But.. did they fly? I love flying kites... we actually have some really nice (translate expensive) kites... we're such kids the DH and I.

angelinabeadalina said...

Hoping the kite building and flying was successful today! The fruit trees sound great, too. (Grape plants are called vines here, but some look pretty bushy once they fill out on the arbor.) Hope you had a good torching time, too!!