Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kite flying report and other 'Doh' moments....

One kite sort of made it or so I was told, but by the time we got there the kites were tucked away and everyone was playing. LOL Some wind would help and according to teacher Pam some more time would be most valuable, considering she has to make 7 kites.

Elaine, I have an expensive kite - not fancy expensive - just more than I should have spent years ago. It is still in it's original cover and the boys know 'Don't touch, it will make mommy mad' - LOL

I have two creatures, yes two. Let's cross fingers this glass slump is over. LOL

Oh and I could smack myself silly with a wet smelly fish!! They're vines.....silly, they're vines. How could I forget??? Thanks Angelina for helping me out with that one.

Maggie - yep. As I was told many times and I'm sure everyone is telling you as well. Moving up and selling is one of the most stressful times in your life. Hugs and I know you'll get through to the other end - that cabin must be calling. It's only taken me over a month to really melt glass. It's my longest slump ever!!

I've got some more pics to show you all. Saving the glass ones for tomorrow. Yes, I know I'm horrible, smorrible..........LOL

I feel better, I melted glass.................................

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