Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is a mom to do but buy a kilt??

As if life was not challenging enough along comes Josh (4 yo) with our newest challenge. He hasn't been back at nursery school very long and he's become obsessed with wearing skirts and being like his best friend Meg!! Oh boy!!! I'm in a spin. My Josh is turning anything into a skirt and the favourite is a t-shirt. His shirts are slowly being destroyed one by one and I'm at a loss.

So I've been franctically searching the net trying to find children's kilts (proper boy 'skirt' attire) at a wee fortune, no less. I think I have found the most unaffordable fordable option. The best of a 'not many options' financially speaking. But before just jumping in an ordering and begging any soul out there to buy a bead/s when I actually have one or more up for sale, I'm going to check with a fellow LE'er who has connections on these things and check with a local supplier as well, but gut says they might not be any cheaper.

Why are we searching?? Because mommy and her big mouth says : 'Angel, let's get you a proper boy's skirt, well because you're a boy'. So everyday I get this 'mommy, have you found me a boy's skirt yet??' Oh boy!!

I'm at my wits end, poor dad is confused as hell. We never had this with Brad. He was content just to be a boy. Is it a phase? Is it for life? The questions, the possibilities, the fear!!!! The biggie : Do not label your kid!!! I am trying to take this in my stride and just go with the flow and let be what must be....


midniteburner said...

LOL! Just pray he doesn't ask for the bagpipe to go with the kilt! LOL!

Seriously, it's a phase. If you don't make a big deal out of it, he won't either.


angelinabeadalina said...

LOL, I know your mother's dilemma of helping him find what he wants is not funny...but the whole story makes you laugh, especially if you are a parent, because it is just so typical of kids :) James would rather walk naked down the street at high noon than admit to having a girl who is a friend. . .but if one of his friends has something or does something, then he thinks he *has* to have it or do it, too. Sounds like Josh has better reasoning, though, and just admires his friend so much that he aspires to be like her. That's a deep feeling for a kid, and you are a wonderful mom for not making light of it. Good luck kilt hunting!

Deb said...

Mich - Think Liam Neeson in 'Rob Roy...think Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart'...heck, think Brad Pit, Eric Banna & Orlando Bloom in 'Troy'...ok they weren't kilts in troy (but it didn't stop me sitting in the front row of the theatre seeing if I could catch a glimpse up them there skirts -lol!).

Ohh I could go on ...think Robbie Williams, Axl Rose, Sean Connery, David Bryne & Ewan McGregor.....

Think the gorgeous young Scot's dude that used to come into a place I once worked, looking for replacement kilt pins....he was HOT.
OK - perhaps it's easier for me to envisage that one!

There is something very appealing about a guy in a kilt - even a wee guy.
Take it from me - the little girls will love him -lol!

David said...

Children's kilts are by no means inexpensive, so it pays to make an informed choice.

With that in mind I invite you to visit the following page on my site for some unbiased information,

I wish you every success , and I trust your son will enjoy the attention his kilt brings him.

Kind Regards,

David. said...

I Love the Kilt. Glad you finally found it.

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Michelle, My son wanted to be called Debbie, since he had a big crush on his babysitter, at age 3. He got over it, but spent over a month not answering to Paul and demanding everyone call him Debbie. Phases are just that. Hang in there. You are a great mom!!!