Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did you know there was a new forum.....??

Well it was bound to happen!! No, I will not be signing up. LOL That would be as stupid as climbing out of your vehicle next to a pride of hungry lions. ((grin))

I'm all for it. If you think you can do a better job then go for it!! Heck, I think a South African forum would be fab idea - a shortage of members would be a problem though!! Firstly, not many South African lampworkers and secondly not many with internet connections. {{poses a problem when you want to be a mod and rule the world}} One thing is for sure I'd be good at deleting. OMG - remember that. Doubt I'll be allowed to forget it. ROTFL!!!

Have you seen it?? Did you visit?? Did you like what you read?? Ironically the first thread I opened was about a fellow lampwork artist being trashed for her beliefs and the cost of her tut. Yeh, very positive!! Maybe I don't understand what it means to be 'positive' or did I get that all wrong. Who knows??

Here is the link...


LittleElves said...

I have been out of the lampworking loop for about a year now (as you know) and I saw someone post about it on FB so I joined. I also occasionally (when I am looking for specials) check out another forum (forget the name right now) to see who is selling Boro at a good price. Nothing wrong with belonging to or reading different glass boards. LE started when people were dissatisfied with WC so this is borne out of dissatisfaction with LE, I believe. There is room for everyone, I believe.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Yep, and glad to see you are melting glass. Although I'm not sure how you squeeze it in - you have a hectic schedule :))

There is most certainly room for everyone, and with that I agree with you 100%. I just found it sad that one of the first threads I clicked on was to trash another artist. Just my luck!!!

To be honest it has been nice at LE the past few days. No anger, no trashing, no threads demanding a high viewership. Just everyone getting on with their business. Hell, I've even braved posting on the odd occasion.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I for one hope that this new forum will forge it's own path without the need to trash the one they all left.

Maggie said...

Very interesting. Had no idea. No way do I have time for another place to hang out. Trying to spend more time on the torch and less on the net.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Maggie, I agree totally about the net time. I'm not getting everthing done that I need to and net time will have to be cut down sharply. More torch time sounds a lot better than the negativity happening on the forums lately.


DianaDesigns said...

Yep, just saw it. I am a bit behind these days. Glad the country club has found its own little space on the net and I have to wonder what took them so long.
There is now about four posts complaining about LE, all the while most of them are still posting on LE...LOL So gee I wonder why all the negative posts and hen pecking has stopped on LE...hmmmm
Smile kiddo :)

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Yep, the country club members have built their own clubhouse. LOL

Good for them. I wish them well.

I for one am enjoying the peace over at LE, it's been a long time coming.

Bungee said...

But you did sign up.

So, are you lying or did you do that accidentally?

Anonymous said...

How kind of you to post about Torchbugs on your blog Shelly.

I find it ironic that you joined Torchbugs the very same day that you blogged that you wouldn't. So does that make you stupid enough to climb out of a vehicle next to a pride of hungry lions, or does it just make you a liar?

I'm also curious as to what South Africa has to do with our forum. First of all, the forum is based in California. That's in the US in case you didn't know.

Will you be posting hateful posts and then deleting them on Torchbugs as well as on LE?

As for threads about fellow lampworkers? When those are found they are deleted immediately. Are you insinuating that doesn't happen on LE? Are you saying the new forum hasn't been talked about on LE?

I mean, here you are, not only talking about people behind their backs, but making false statements about them. Here you are, talking about Torchbugs and its den of hungry lions.

And you're right, maybe you don't understand what it means to be positive. Because if you think your blog entry here is positive, maybe you should re-read it.

Your entry is no better than what you are accusing others of doing. In fact, I'd say it's pretty spiteful and hateful. It's people like you we are all trying to get away from. And we're the den of lions? Please!

But hey, welcome to Torchbugs.

Sara said...

Hey, I need a geography lesson. When did California move to the land of Isreal?

And furthermore, Torchbugs was started because the LE goddess sent many people a generic PM about their behavior in a thread about the cat killer group on Facebook adding people (lampworkers) to the friends list. These people didn't want to be associated with this certain group that they felt was appauling. It had nothing to do with you Shelly or your friends!

DianaDesigns said...

I find it completely hilarious that many people said and I quote "I don't want any forum wars" Yet many of the first posts on TorchBugs went something like this.
"Hey LE owners...don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out." The person who said this was also the person who said they did not want the forum wars...LOL LOL
THOSE are the types that are hanging out over at TB now.
Then just this past week there were comments about LE members suffering from mad cow disease, jerks, spewing bullshit...shall I go who are the liars here?