Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Yummy Mummy!!

We've had a lot of rain today, so much so, that it actually flooded in and around the Johannesburg area!! Not major floods, although I am sure the squatters living on the banks of the Jukskei would not agree but floods that cause traffic jams and leave some of us wondering why these people continue to build their homes below the flood line when it happens every year!! But that is not the reason I am blogging today.

Back to what's been on my mind alot since Josh headed back to school and with that as some of you know came a zillion challanges. I do not for one minute think that I am the only one hit with challenges but mine sure are interesting. Well!! In my world they are.

My personal challenge. That of the Yummy Mummy!! Are you one? Do you know them? Do you admire them or just plain hate them?

My version of the Yummy Mummy!! Drives the latest 4 X 4, Volvo, BMW or otherwise fancy yuppie car. Dresses to the 9's even though she has nowhere to go but maybe pick up her little Angel!! Has time for mani's, pedi's, facials and the likes and most importantly doesn't blink at the latest levy the school has invented!! Yes, you can smell it, see it and it goes by the name of jealousy!! But who really cares.....this is my moan and I'm enjoying it. {{super evil grin}}

So in the first week of back to school, which was 2 weeks ago, I try and head out to fetch Josh at 1pm. 20 Zillion Yummy Mummy's abound (okay, not quite 20 zillion but more than 5)...this will not work. I am certainley not dressing up just to fetch Josh and trying to fake my Ford Fiesta as something zooty. Change our routine to get there at 12:30. Shoooooo, and frumpy mum, which is me, has arrived before the fake booby brigade!! Those fake smiles and those who think they have given birth to the latest brainiac. I'm stubborn!! I don't get why parents don't want their kids to be kids. To play, to have fun, to get dirty, to live..............We live in a world where my 2 year old is more brilliant than your 2 year old and Zack is reading 3 letter words and he's not even 3. My mistake was thinking that I chosen a down to earth sort of school. Well lo and behold - what the Yummy Mummy demands, she gets. I'm too scared to ask if playtime is less and if sitting at the new shiny desks is taking control. What happened to learn while we play and stuff like that??? Geesh, there is even the kid who speaks his mind but what happened to R*E*S*P*E*C*T!!

This new influx of the Ultimate Yummy Mummy has me running for the hills. If I thought the fight for the front row of the concert was interesting last year, it certainley is going to offer some entertainment this year. LOL...........................................


angelinabeadalina said...

Ack! The attack of the Yummy Mummies sounds scary, Mich! You are right, kids need time to just be kids. So far, I have avoided such things as organized sports and gymnastics/dance. If those activities were truly about letting the kids have fun and learn to be part of a team, I wouldn't be so wary. Unfortunately, I think too many of those activities around here are about competition (instead of letting everyone have a fair amount of playing time and teaching everyone how to play the game). Hang in there, chick, and don't worry about how you are dressed when you pick up the kiddo...what's important is the smile on Josh's face when he sees you and the enthusiasm in his voice when he tells you about his day :)

Sara said...

Being a former Yummy Mummy, I can tell you it's a hell of a lot of work! All that primping takes lots of time that you could be on the torch.

My kids still are involved in the activities because it's the only time they have to make friends and socialize. The schools don't allow kids to be kids anymore here.

And yes the parents do get rather stupid. At a PeeWee football game, I watched a federal DEA agent and a deputy sheriff get into a fight. Holy Moly!!!

It takes all types, shapes and sizes to make the world go round.

Deb said...

Oh my Mich - I so feel what you are talking about!

I have a name for those types, (always have - lol) but can't repeat it here!

The best bit is watching as those kids eventually fall off of the pedestals that their parents have put them on. ;o)

The thing is, kids that are going to do well will do well no matter where they go to school & the opposite applies also. Ask me how I know - lol!
This Non-Yummy Mummy used to have a lad that won international Math/Science/take your pick competitions at the 98 percentile mark....he entered them because he wanted to, & I'd ask "are you sure you want to do this?" -lol (because I knew darn well I wouldn't want to).
Used to royally PO all the yummy Mummy's when he did better than theirs did ;o)