Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It made me realise something ...

I received permission from Loco who posted this in the Bathroom over at LE. If you are offended by very bad language please do not read, if you kiddies or teens are looking over your shoulder send them away..........YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! Oh!! and some insight to all the drama over at LE in the past few weeks and even more recently would be helpful. {{grin}}

And my reasoning for posting this is because it made me realise something...it made me laugh at myself at a time when I am taking myself way too seriousley and I mean way too seriousley. It reminded me that I LOVE to melt glass - I don't melt glass to make money, I do it because I love it. Okay, a few extra pennies would come in handy. Okay, more than a few but that is not why I melt glass, why I like to think of myself as a lampworker and even on some days a Glass Artist.

My Vagina is always drama FREE wish LE was

Shall we continue......... The discussion: After a bitch, that you can find below, it turned to my taking bubble baths with Dawn dish soap........ I, and my vagina have no problems with it. I have promised to try the "hand friendly" version of Dawn when it's time to restock.
For those who missed my original post's here they are. Add, comment, flame, do what ever the hell you want:
Post#1:"There's no point in hanging in places like that...Ummm.... Sad..."
Post #2:"Just after my DH said that I posted... I sat there and refreshed the bathroom and called out the viewer numbers. He was shocked to say the least.
I am SO DONE with the crap, the attitudes. I think it deals with Corri being the only moderator. (Hi Corri!)
I just don't know..When the economy turned to shit and people were still expecting the "normal" high prices for their beads and it didn't happen, they were frustrated. The holidays came and they couldn't buy what they wanted to overly lavish those in their lives. That frustration found an outlet in a basically unmoderated LE. Crap breads crap and crap breads more crap. So here we sit in shit and it STINKS!
Well tell ya what: BLEEP your bead prices! Don't tell me that YOU NEED 70 flipping dollars for that bead! Come on I have diddled out what it costs to make a bead thats 13 ounces! Yes, 13 ounces of farking glass in one piece and trust me 70 bucks would have been a farking PROFIT!
Get the hell over it people. It's glass and while it used to be worth 70 bucks it's worth 25 NOW! And 25 is still a profit. Don't like it? Put some BLEEPIN nylons on and get a job! The you'll see that 25 is a damn fine deal!
Shit my house last year was worth 200 BLEEPIN THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE than it is now! And you know what I have to say to that?
Damn how fortunate that I am to have a house!
Thank you so VERY MUCH!
May your life be sweet with a touch of hardship to help you appreciate all that IS GOOD in your life! Screw all the shit that rough. Screw those that are pissing you off. BLEEP UM! YOU don't need that drama in your life!
Find that inner peace and revel in it. If it is a bubble bath and all you have is dish soap be grateful for every bubble and every second there is hot water to soak in. I've not seen real bubble bath in ages, but I am so ever thankful for Dawn dish soap, that I buy at Big Lots!"

Hey, I'm only the hands of the voices in my head...
Side note:
Sorry, took a break to enjoy an Orange Popsickle and catch-up on my facebook and LE. Now I'm taking my frustrations out on my popsickle stick....LOL while contemplating my grateful list.
Even though times are VERY tough here, I have a few things to be grateful for:
* A roof over my head, well, at least for the next week and a half.
* Grateful that I am able to melt glass even though I don't sell too many of my little 'art' works.
* That I am married to a fabulous wonderful guy.
* That I am a mom to two super lil guys. Even though somedays they can be challenging.
* That I am able to homeschool my oldest. We learn together and grow together!!
another side note:
Hubby did have a looksie at another promising home. We'll just have to wait and see!!


angelinabeadalina said...

Good luck with the house-looksie! It's so frustrating (we just picked four to put in offers on...three of the four were just put under contract, and the other already has an offer). I'll be sending you happy house-hunting vibes!!

Kyfarmlife said...

You Rock!!!! I just have to tell you that I loved your last post and each and every point you made! You Go Girl! (yea about the house transfer...finally!!) Dont worry it will all work out...God has a plan!!! Now take a deep breath and pat your self on the back...your a talented, gifted, sweet, and patient woman!
Yea to bubble baths!!!
OH one more thing..no wonder your little froggy heart is selling thats like the cutest thing Ive seen in a LONG time! Adorable...how much do you sell them for??? Hey can you make a horse head on a heart??? Let me know and if you can You have a buyer!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I think the lady has a point, Corri just doesn't pay attention or care much so LE has turned into a big ole pile of crap...
Glad to have a roof over my head and a job (for now anyway).

Diana Ferreira said...

And because we love glass we are pasionate about anything glass related, right? Thanks again for all the times you stepped in to protect another lampworker's honour.

girlfriday1962 said...

Here here! I drink to that! Several Chardonnays in fact!