Sunday, January 25, 2009

About that New Year's Resolution...

Friday came and went with the realisation that I am heading in the totally opposite direction of 'My Year of the Skinny Me - 2009'.
No matter which way I look at it I have actually gained weight instead of losing it. It was time for some serious reflection and all that sort of stuff.
Problem :
I don't have the time to do this myself.
Ideas, menus, shopping lists.
I just cannot focus on that by my lonesome.
Solution :
Sign up with one of the groups, either Weight Watchers or Weigh Less.
and start using said Gym membership that I am bound to pay for every month that I am just not using. One of those scenarios where you sign up for something with great intentions and then you're stuck with a contract for the next 24 months. Okay, means finding time. But hey, if we add on an extra couple of hours everyday then this can be done. Right? Right!!
I am not giving up on this one and only resolution that I have made this year. This is the year of 2000 and S*H*I*N*E!! No giving up!! Right!!
So this is the week. Tomorrow is a new day!!


angelinabeadalina said...

I'm thinking it might be Monday morning when you read this, so Good Morning! and You can do it! This day is going to be a great start on your path!

Maggie said...

You can do it Michele! BTW, you are beautiful to me no matter what.

Kyfarmlife said...

Yes yare beautiful! Dont forget that along your journey!
Its my resolution too...even brought up the treadmill is my day to start anew...weight watchers helped me last time I lost weight, it really works and going to use it again! I'm wishing you tons of luck!!!!!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I lost 10 lbs on weight watchers last year, unfortunately that was it... no matter what I did I couldn't get the scale to budge... it took me 4 months to lose that 10 lbs and 4 weeks to gain it back... I don't have any solutions for you... heck I don't have any for me either. Do share your journey with us (or me) as I'm floundering and doing nothing too. I joined a gym years ago... it was very expensive and I used it faithfully for about 3 months... Gosh I'm being so negative... I'm sorry Michelle.. this is a tough issue for me (can you tell?)
I too think you are a beautiful talented women, weight is just a number.

Diana Ferreira said...

Michelle, YES, you can! Good luck with it. But like Maggie said: Youar beautiful as you are. Always remember that, and say that to yourself as often as possible!

Another new word today: mizzles. could it be french? I like it, none the less ...