Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No power....

For those of you who know me or are from South Africa, well you will understand. LOL

On an almost daily basis we have 1 -2 load shedding sessions and sometimes even 3. So we basically have no power for 2 hours at a time.

What happens when the power does come back on. Well that load of washing gets going, the dishwasher is frantically put on. The tumble dryer is put on in a hurry. You make that quick cup of tea, if you can chance it - make dinner or whatever. Power usuage rockets and you have no power again. It's a vicious circle. LOL

We won't even talk about how this effects my small home business. It does, teaching bead making has almost come to a grinding halt.

There is a huge shortage of generators. A shortage of LPG gas......and soon I would imagine, a shortage of batteries. I'm almost positive there is a bunch of stock piling going on somewhere. Rechargeable batteries becomes pointless as you require power to charge those. I admit to stock piling, yep, those teeny little camping gas canisters - I bought a bunch of those in the name of stock piling because you just never know.

Evenings have become huge family time, which is great in the long run. You have no other choice but to talk to each other or play board games by candlelight . It's like getting to know each other all over again.

Right now everday I pick up the kids from their various schools, I hear of another family managing to escape and go and live in another country. Right now apparently the grass on the otherside is far greener (doesn't matter why) but at least other countries live in the first world and have power.

Yes, I worry about the future for my boys. They're white in a country where their skin colour will count against them. The fact their generation had nothing to do with Apartheid doesn't matter - they will be punished all the same for it.

Do I regret not taking up the offer 7 years ago to go to Holland. You bet I do!!!

Anyway I need to write a 200 word synopses about my little home run business and answer this "How is your product / service helping to empower, support and recognising the women of South Africa as a powerful market? "

I need to try and stay positive, but it is very hard.

With that being said, seeing as the deadline is today - I need to get working.

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