Sunday, February 10, 2008

Am I losing them, finding them or making them....

marbles that is.

Today was the next big step in my playing with fire career. I ventured into marble making, rather hesitantly naturally.

My infinite rim mold, book and hot fingers arrived on Friday and I could not let them sit there for months and months on end. So took the plunge eventually and made my very first marbles.

I think I lost one in the process or nearly did. The good thing is I knew it was round as it had no problemo rolling out of the kiln, bouncing on the floor and burning dog hair that had been shed at an earlier date. DO NOT WORRY - no animals were harmed in the making of these marbles.

Thank goodness I had Kare and Jodi's 'typing' voices in my head that should it fall out of the kiln (apparently something that happens quite regurlary) that I should not to be tempted to grab it with my hands. Oh boy was the temptation there. Here I am on my knees chasing after one hot marble and practically bursting into tears. Oh, and I had my hemostats in my hand - it was a small marble. The hot fingers being ignored to bits.

I tried to rescue it and I will only know once it is out of the kiln but I'm sure my other ones will do me proud.

Where to from wine stoppers!!!

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