Monday, March 31, 2008

Happenings and my rant for the day

Life is extremely busy this end of the world. I have two shows/exhibitions coming up back to back almost and I'm feeling very overwhelmed.

The state of our economy and how I feel about the country offer no peace of mind, at all. I told hubby that it feels like we're heading in the same direction as Zimbabwe just at a much slower pace.

I have promised myself that I will have finished pieces at these shows. Why?? Because most South African's cannot appreciate a handmake lampwork bead even if it hit them in the face. Do people realise how much work goes into making these little pieces of art??? I don't think so. Yet, they will constantly rave over imported junk that is made by cheap labour who are treated so badly. So it comes down to cost - well, I guess you get what you pay for. And I love this afrikaans saying "Goed koop, is deurkoop" hope I spelt that right. Basically it means buying cheaply can be expensive.

And at the end of the day, yes it may only be glass but it is made with love and care and is unique!!

So this is my rant for the day.

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