Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just life.....

I just had to show this one again. It's just so yummy!!!. Think I'll try and recreate this colour again in my beads next week.
So a day in my life....hmmmmm!!
Well Friday was pretty interesting. It started with me badly hurting my ankle as I was rushing out the front door. Never a good idea when you are in your PJ's and your son's toothbrush in one hand. Why the toothbrush? Brad, had a sleepover and it needed to go with naturally.
So here I am crumpled outside the front door. Trying not to scream in pain. Hubby and son come rushing from the car to see if I am okay. NO I am not.......I cry in tears!!! Ant proceeds to rush to the bedroom to grab the brightest red t-shirt to place over my pj top as he has decided he is rushing me to the emergency room. Even in severe pain I am thinking NO WAY in HELL as firstly my legs had not seen a razor in a bit and my pink spaghetti strap top had a frog on it which says 'Kiss me quick' and now hubby wants to add to it with a screaming red top. My thoughts are that if I can stand I'm okay. Thank goodness I could stand.
I decide to carry on with life. Josh is playing bunking nursery school and in my bravest and stupidest moment, sore ankle and all I decide I will brave grocery shopping. What was I thinking????
Towards the end of the grocery shopping my ankle really starts letting me know which body part it is attached too. My 3 year old is making his 'I WANTS.....' a tad bit more verbally and I am now pushing two trolleys and not just one.
We made it home after being stuck in traffic jam for about an hour. A trip which usually takes 15 minutes. The freezer stuff might just not survive - a quick stop under a bridge on the highway and kiddie unbrella covering the freezer stuff I pray I am A for away...... Nor did it help that it was my poor 'Eina' foot/ankle stuck on the clutch.
I came home to a rather swollen ankle.
By Saturday it was much better and the blues, yellows and greens were starting to make their appearance.
I'm assuming hopefully that by the end of next week that I will finally able to start making use of a gym contract I just signed. Let's hope.
No news on the sale of the house yet. Crossing fingers that something will happen eventually. I keep having dreams of a larger living space.
Till next time......Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore????????

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