Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain and potholes

Amazing how well those two go together.

Apparently ranting and raving and behaving like a lunatic don't work. Duh!!! The alternative is to laugh and it makes you feel good to.

We're having a couple of cold fronts pass over us. Means a very cold Easter - no disaster there as I'm sure the Easter Bunny will still visit. Reminds me, I better get working on the treasure hunt. But 9 months from now - hmmmmm. I'm pretty sure the maternity section will be a tad bit fuller. Don't panic we're protected.

Back to the title of this post. After our last rains; you should have seen the potholes. At one stage there were more potholes than road. They finally fixed it recently; about two weeks ago. Now for a good couple of days we've had a good lot of rain. Hmmmmm = loads more potholes on the same road just a different area....it's fun playing dodge-ems. The boys and I make a game out of it. Of course I lose points if I end up going through one. I really must take my Nikon with me so that you can see the potholes for the road. LOL

Another good laugh was my car and the contents of the petrol tank. Rather low as you can imagine. Well R50 was going to have to do it for today. Uhmmm 6 litres later. Only 6. Many moons ago when I had a beetle I am pretty sure I would have filled my tank and taken home change. All I could do was laugh and told the petrol attendant that I would be seeing him shortly. Naturally, I only try and put in petrol at my favourit station in Sunninghill; and the service is brilliant. I think they make a fortune out of me especially if the boys and I head into the shop. LOL Now do I not only have to plan to make sure I can make it to my favourite petrol station before I run out of petrol but I have to plan it so the boys are at school too. A mom's job is never done.

Got some more Love Frogs to show you tomorrow and a little something different; that is if it turned out okay. Until then....bye

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