Monday, March 17, 2008

Rolling blackouts....

Or whatever you want to call it. Goes by Load Shedding, No power, Blackouts in other words frankly just NO POWER!!!!

Supposedly 4 generators tripped this weekend or something. To top it all off we're experiencing a true winters day and naturally everyone is doing everything they can to keep warm. That means heaters I guess and more cups of coffee so that kettle gets used more often. Some soup - hence the stove gets used and well electricity usage rises. No brainer right!! So the load shedding that was not going to happen until the end of the month is in full swing. 4 hours on a most likely daily basis of no power. Frustration!!!!!!

They spin their stories. They're trying to save for winter. They can't even save for a hiccup!!! So 4 generators tripped - isn't that a maintenance issue. Oh yes lest we forget, everybody who knew how to maintain the equipment was retired, retrenched and whatever in the name of Affirmative Action. This is the only company where the top dudes get lovely big bonuses for screwing up. I want to work for this company. I want to live in the lap of luxury, not do my job, screw up and get a bonus for doing it. Any other company would have fired their asses by now. But hang on with BEE and affirmative action you cannot do that. How many chances do these guys need. You've screwed up!!! Now it is up to us - we must cut our usuage so you can continue to supply countries such as Zimbabwe with power. Do they pay for it - I doubt it!!! But should I not pay, should I be late you will cut me off promptly - no questions asked.

So today I will likely only get one load of washing done, it won't get dry.....and oh well, life goes on.

But I get to rant and rave and behave like lunatic and feel better for it.

Now I need to find a means to keep warm without using power, hmmm should I buy some nice winter clothes to keep me warm. That just provides the government with more excuses to raise interest rates cause I'm able to buy something whether with cash or credit. Hey because if everyone can spend money then it's a good excuse to screw them over more!!!!

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