Thursday, March 6, 2008

Temper tantrum and trolley rage

Tomorrow will definitely be a TGIF day!!!!

I guess the day started off bad when I really didn't feel like getting out of bed. Somebody definitely knew alot more than I did at that time. I should have listened.

Getting Josh dressed and ready for nursery school was a challenge and I thought I had the traffic beat but I guess I didn't quite time it right. By the time I got back home I thought to hell with it and drove out to Hobby-X, a craft show that happens annually. I'm not quite sure why I go. It is probably more for the social aspect than anything else as there was definitely no WOW factor!! Well, I did come home with a quilt kit....I'll squeeze it in between midnight and 6am in the morning. Or is it doomed to be come another 'thought' packed away in the cupboard. Headed home with some pearls, some cool spacer beads and a quilt kit. But hopefully hubby need never find out about the quilt kit. I'll keep that one hush, hush!!!!

We've just had an astronomical petrol price increase and everytime I'm driving my car I'm reminded of this fact. It is a fact of life and no matter what it is something I cannot change. Now every kilometre ticks over in my brain and I start assessing whether the trip is necessary. It just happens to be necessary most of the time as the children need to be fetched from school. I just feel like this week so far has been spent in the car. There was the trip to Pretoria for some glass stock and then the Randburg trip for Hobby-X and most likely another trip to Randburg to see someone who stocks my work. I'm starting to not like my car. Which leads me to another story for the day. My one and only ticket bought from Guide Dogs and I can win a car. One with 4 doors - 5 if you include the boot. Currently I have 2 doors and the boot. I really would like 4.

We have to get to the temper tantrum and trolley rage. Don't worry we'll get there!!!

After collecting Josh and eventually Bradley from School and with some needed chill out time at home before I knew it, it was out the door to meet my sister and her kiddies for dinner. It is something I really enjoy and that is spending time with my sister. It is fun catching up and just chatting even if the kids do drive us nuts. Somehow I know I can cope because she is there.

I then had to brave it at the local Woolies. Stupid me had told hubby that I would get the milk for the next day. My brain must have been fried!!! I put an already whiny Josh into a trolley, a trolley he has decided is not quite to his liking. We're already at logger heads. I make a brave dash for the milk, then a mad dash for jelly and custard and then a rush for the tills. It must be PMS because the Organic Milk chocolate slab is screaming at me, I make a sudden stop and grab the slab. I apologise to the cranky gentleman behind me.

Next I know Josh is making his mind known about everything esle he wants. We're now in the famous 'temptation aisle' the only way to the tills. The one aisle where I am surprised the child protection unit are not at the end of. Cause how mothers and children survive that aisle is a miracle. I hold my ground, I will not give in. Of course now everyone is starting to stare. Clearly I am this evenings entertainment and they will go home to discuss the wonderful world of modern parenting.

Uggggg!!!!! I see a gap, I don't even wait for the 'next customer please', I charge for the sanctity of a till thinking the quicker I can get through this the better. Here I am trying to tell Josh "NO" and me and the trolley extending out a bit because as pushy as I am trying to be I didn't want to try and be out right rude to the couple who were collecting their parcels. Mr Cranky behind me says something about me blocking the way. I've got a screaming 3 year and me trying to be nice to Mr Cranky I say, please go on past and he got all damned 'snooty' on me. Now the urge of killing a 3 year old gets passed onto Mr Cranky. I eventually yell 'Does everybody have to stare at me and my 3 year old throwing the temper tanturm. The store gets quiet and it is me who is now throwing the temper tantrum but hey nobody is staring anymore. The poor teller thinks I'm yelling at him!!! I then want to throttle the teller because something organic has just rung up at some astronomical amount. Turns out it was that organic slab of chocolate. Oh heck, in the throws of PMS - I decide the very expensive slab of chocolate will be well worth it.

So I am going to enjoy every tiny morsel of that chocolate - I am going to truly indulge!!! And you know what world - I DESERVE IT!!!!

You try being a mom in today's world.....................................where everyone thinks they have better parenting skills than you do!!! The fact that I am still somewhat sane means a whole lot to me. So there!!!!!!!!!

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