Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chicken Soup

Well let's hope it works. Let's just say I'm man down or is that woman down. Whatever Josh had I have now. It's a horrible, nasty, nasty bug!! My throat is killing me and I have the worst post nasal drip and my muscles have decided to join in with the pain thing. Hopefully hubby arrives home soon with some meds and the all important chicken soup.

The show starts in what, 2 days or so and feeling like hell is never good at a show.

Still got stock to price and have to figure out this stringing thing. What I wanted to do, I never got around to doing. Oh well!!!

Oh and please tell me why when children are sick we do everything we can. Cuddle and keep them warm and give them meds and stay with them. When I'm out for the count I get kicked, jumped on and get asked to fix this and that. Like I said, clearly no rest for the wicked.

Chat soon......................

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Blow Glass Girl said...

Hope you feel better! Sending you Chicken soup vibes to heal you....