Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday: Better late than never!

Can you see I'm into getting ready for the show mode. Not that I am looking forward to it. They seem to have lost their measure of excitement. Now it's just hard work and late, late nights. The fact that we have two shows/exhibitions on top of each other is not helping much either. No rest for the wicked apparently!!

I have one pendant in the kiln, yep only one and I managed to finish one bracelet. They only take about 6 -8 hours to make, but well worth it.

Today has been a really, really cold day. First time the layers came on and off. Piled on to go outdoors and taken off when indoors. Thank goodness for this coat I bought while in the USA last year. It's amazingly comfortable and warm. The boys had a trip to the fire station. Josh's little nursery school went to visit and Bradley was allowed to go with. That is all he has spoken about all day, he really enjoyed himself. Especially the ride in the fire engine. Josh, spent most of the time covering his ears. He's not into loud noises at the moment.

I haven't told you the cutest story yet. Late Saturday we went shopping at our local Super Spar and Josh grabbed a kiddies trolley, next thing we look and he is doing his own grocery shopping and telling us what is needed. Thank goodness he had stuff like yoghurts and juice. But in a 3 year old grown up voice telling us that the eggs were finished and duly placed a box of 6 in his little trolley. Moments like that you wish you could capture for ever and ever!!!

Guess I should think about hitting the sack. I'll try my best to have a Thought for Day up tomorrow.

Sleep tight!!

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