Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh boy do I feel bad...........

Thanks for all the well wishes and the comments on the guinea pigs. They are really cute and coming out of their shells so to say.

Didn't have a good night last night. Feels like a chainsaw is going on in my throat and my head feels mushy. I'm pretty sure I'll crash at some time today. That is if the boys will let me.

As for the show - oh boy!! I just pray I'm feeling a bit better by then. We're on our feet most of the time and right now staying in bed sounds far more tempting.

Today we have load shedding for 4 hours. Got to love our electricity supplier. Pretty much nothing can be done in that time. Which reminds me, I forgot to find the gas cooker for the gas bottle so we can at least make tea. I'm not doing well am I. LOL

I'm off to hit the shower, maybe that will help perk me up somewhat.

Have a super day.

Chat soon.

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