Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday's Story to share.

Good morning everyone.....yep, this crazy nut is up just after 4am. This bug which I am now convinced is resembling flu has taken it's grip on me!!! But I WILL SURVIVE!!!!

As those of you who read my blog regularly know we are now in the midst of a Show/Exhibition. I have not really looked forward to it at all and you could say this 'bug' has been the cherry on top of it all but in this case has not helped with my enthusiasm one bit.

So I am going to share some lessons learned.

No. 1 - quit doing shows/exhibitions
No. 2 - no matter what anyone else thinks do what you love. In my case sitting in front of a torch and melting glass
No. 3 - when one accidently phones one's 'enemy' neighbour blabbering about not answering 'his' phone (was meant to be my BIL Clive) send an SMS quickly to apologise. Did that. LOL
No. 4 - Believe in myself more and what I love doing.
No. 5 - If I never make a penny out of it that's okay. I am doing what I love and I am blessed to spend time at home with my boys.
No. 5.1 - Stop throwing thousands into shows and trying to convince those who really couldn't care why my pendant costs a lot more than the imported CRAP at the beadshop. For them it is about the money - for me it's about the art and I'm still very much a baby in it. They want to pay NOTHING and couldn't care less if it is not unique.
No. 6 - Living in a tin shack may not be half bad - many other's do it. So I should be grateful for the roof over my head currently.
No. 7 - Not everyone is going to know or understand why melting glass is important to me.
No. 8 - To share everything I know and have learnt with others cause how can we grow if we never pass it on.
No. 9 - When I wake up and my head is buzzing with ideas - have a pencil and notebook handy cause now I cannot remember all those stunning design ideas that I had. Silly me!!!
No. 10 - Start living life!!!

Today I will walk into that Convention Centre with my head held high and wearing clothes that I am comfortable in. Because darn it - if I am not going to make a penny at least I can be comfortable doing it!!! LOL

Of these things I am sure:

I married my best friend who no matter how looney I am sticks by me and loves what I do to. I love my boys, they bring joy to my life everyday and I love melting glass!!!

Have a good one girls and guys and remember this, ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. I think we can forget to do that.

Love ya...............................

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Maggie said...

Michelle, I was just thinking about doing a show in September! Maybe not after reading your list!! It's actually a fun show I used to do really well at selling ceramics. We'll see.

Don't you love how life gives us lessons know matter how old we are!

Miss you, come on over to the newbie thread for a pop in one of these days.

Hugs, Maggie