Friday, April 4, 2008


Yesterday was just that. A BAD day!!! I was ready to tell everyone to shove it where the sun don't shine and maybe I told just a few.

This mornings Thought for Day is what I'll keep as my mantra today.

There are a few artists that I know are in a similar place, different country - same place!!!

I told hubby that I'm scared to do these shows, scared of what I might say or do. I put my soul into making beads and pendants and to have someone compare it to imported CRAP just infuriates me!! I'm not sure how much longer before I'll escort that sorry A$$ over to the cheap CRAP and tell them to spend to there hearts content.

Eskom (our illustrious power supply co.) also appears to be playing with my head. I'm certain today was our turn at load shedding. It's after 10:00 and we still have power. The good thing about that is maybe I can get some pieces done before putting on the mom's taxi cap and running around like a mad person.

And on the schooling note: The owner of the little nursery school Josh goes to is back from her vacation. She was where I want to be. New Zealand!!! Seychelle's is still an option. Bead making Beach Bum, sounds good too. LOL Back to the Josh, he spots Nicky this morning and runs up to her and gives her this huge hug. Well can't take him out of school!!! This kid loves it, lives for it. He's a social butterfly unlike his mom.
Brad, leaves for school stressed to the tee. He has a spelling test and the words I don't even get. The planets. Now forgive me but they may be grouped as planets but everything else is different - venus, pluto (check on that, not a planet anymore I think), Saturn. They all sound different. The only rule being just that - they're planets.

Here my brain is in a spin again. School does nothing for his self confidence. Smack me silly for choosing a Montessori. As much as I can tell him that not getting it all right is okay. The idiotic teacher who had him for a year made these kids do corrections until there hands hurt because it had to be 100% right.

Mistakes happen, mistakes are made - we try and move on!!!

These 2 little souls are so different and choices made effect them. But I don't think that one system fits all. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other. Yet society would like everyone to fit perfectly into one basket.

Yes, I'm rambling but that this is what this blog is about.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Hey girlfriend... I feel your pain. Your boys will grow into fine young men and you will wonder how it happened so FAST... so cherish these days of their youth.
Good luck with the shows... hang a sign 'Quality sold here'... looking for a bargain? Move on!
Appeal to the snob if everyone... know what I mean LOL

Pat from Canvey said...

I can vouch for New Zealand. We've been on holiday there twice, in 2005 and 2006. We'd like to emigrate but more probably would like to retire there. Wide open spaces, no litter, varied climate cheap land and housing and very importantly the best ice cream in the world, Tip Top.