Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BeadEx is upon us..........

Well the good news is that the classes have been approved. Yippeee!! I was there this morning and checked out our teeny wee stand and the Glass Workshop right next to it. What is nice about it this year is that there is a viewing window. So people can oggle and stare. LOL

Hopefully, hubby purchased enough stainless steel rods for mandrels. Tonight will be cutting them into the right length and getting them ready to dip in bead release - so NO panicking on the morning of the workshop. Well, that is the plan anyway.

I have most of my work priced and coded and I am going to try and squeeze some time in this afternoon to do a couple more Love Frogs. Did I mention I still have to sew the table cloths and figure out a few other things. But I'm determined to be way more organised this year. Well, that is the plan anyway.

Tomorrow I am setting up our stand by my brave little self. It will be a challenge but a fun one.

Better get to work.

Chat soon..............................


Maggie said...

Yeah, It's all coming together. Remember to breath, smile, and enthusiasm. Best wishes for a success, however you care to define it!

Hugs, Maggie

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Have FUN Mich... and share your talent with your class... you are already a success... Hope the locals notice. They did an interesting thing in the New York subway, had a virtuoso violinist set up there and play for an hour (tickets to his concerts are over $100 each and sell out always)... NOBODY stopped to listen to him... not ONE person... he collected a few coins that folks threw into his case as they rushed by. He was stunned that everyone seemed to ignore him... he said he felt invisible... Here's hoping you and your work aren't invisible :-)
Cheers... Elaine