Friday, May 16, 2008

Here we go.........................

Well today is the day!!! The workshops are full and Saturday is overbooked but we've made a plan.

Our stand is mostly sorted but we'll finish it this morning before the mad rush.

Have made good friends with the 'Big Chief' of security. A lot of bribery and corruption happening - just kidding!! But it might cost me a Latte to try and sneak in early. Don't worry, just kidding - and he might just get his Latte.

I did not live up to my reputation from last year. NO temper tantrums. LOL Those happy pills must be working. I told the organisers that I had most definitely behaved myself and the security guy chirped in with an 'allegedly' - uhhhmmm was that why he was guarding the Fire Safety guy - could be. LOL

We are crossing fingers for a good day all in all. And no matter what, just being able to display my work is success in itself.

Chat soon.............................and I'll give a report back tonight - ooh and I'll pack the camera too.

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