Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day ramblings.............

It's been a very, very busy day and not really productive but I think some timeout was needed by all of us.

This morning I was treated to breakfast at the new Mugg & Bean down the road from us at our luscious new shopping centre. I had an amazing omlette and then shared a belgium waffle with hubby. Yummy!!!

We bumped into my sister who had Brad with her, as he spent the night with his cousins but was very good about phoning me this morning. Sweetie Pie!! While we were all catching up, I popped into a new Art Gallery which had these amazing photo's by a South African photographer. I was seriousley lusting after one. LOL

We did some window shopping and then my sister took the boys with her to meet up with my parents for a late lunch. I was still desperately shoe hunting. Yep, teaching and achy feet - don't go well together. Hubby and I ended up in an Outdoor type shop in a totally different shopping centre, where I was looking at shoes similar to Crocs. The sales guy was very helpful and when we explained why I was looking at them he suggested an alternative. The alternitive are divine. They are called Salomon Amphibian. Very airy and cushy but with loads more support. It was nice to have someone helpful and informative and not condescending. Ooh, and before I tried them on he whipped out this huge pocket knife and took off all the price tags. Hubby just knew that I would notice that and I'm getting him on the right track to carrying his own. LOL

We then came home and chilled. Eventually he braved the wendyhouse to get our display stuff out so that we're not hunting for it at the last minute.

Yep, 4 sleeps until setup, 5 sleeps until the show and workshop starts. The countdown has begun.

I have two complete new necklaces and a third one just needing its toggle clasp. I've got some bracelets and Ant has strung most of my pendants for me on the most amazing leather thongs that I managed to find. They are a beautiful chocolate brown. I'm wondering if I'll have time to squeeze in a Robin Atkins type bracelet but not sure if I'll have the time.

Tonight will be pricing and coding. Did I mention I've bought a pack of red bulls. It gives you wings, you know. LOL

Guess I've rambled on way too long.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. It's appreciated.

Back soon.

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