Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rainy Saturday afternoon...........

It's rainy, which means it is wet and it is cold.

I was going to melt glass but hubby downloaded the latest episodes of Lost. Guess that put an end to that idea for now. LOL I'm a Lost 'ho'. Cannot say no when it comes to watching Lost.

This morning was spent in my jammies till quite late and then we went to one of my bookclub friend's little ones first birthday. The bookclub girls ended up snuggled inside with a few bottles of wine. Never a dull moment and fun was definitely had but the boys were getting cold and hubby was looking bored so we headed home. Now I'm stuck inside with smelly wet dogs. Ughhhh!!!

I'm bubbling with ideas so as soon as Lost is finished, I'm gonna be melting.

What you doing with your weekend??

Chat soon..............

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