Monday, May 19, 2008

Success shows its face in many ways.........

Wow, what a show. These must have been some of the most fun workshops I've had. The big class on Saturday went so well, better than I could have ever imagined. No assistant needed. LOL The visitors seemed to enjoy being able to watch the workshop and we were all so busy we hardly had time to notice that we were 'fishies in a bowl'. Even one exhibitor popped his head in the workshop because it sounded like we were having so much fun and yes, we were!!!

I was blessed to meet Tamara Honaman. What a beautiful and giving person. I hope she enjoys the rest of her stay here in SA.

Financially, the show did not go as planned, but success showed itself in different ways. I was able to laugh. Unexpected people helped and were saviors when desperately needed. Let's just say - some ladies in security have some coffee for a while. New friends were made. I sold all my Love Frogs - they found homes, it was a sad affair saying goodbye to the last one but I know he will be extremely happy in his new home. And many new opportunities are knocking at the door.

Naturally, today is the day that I'm pooped and drained. I tend to hide out on the bed and rest and reflect. But I'll recover and be rearing to go.

I also met Heather Laithwaite, also a beautiful and inspiring lady. I bought her latest book 'Dare to Bead and More'. Been browsing through it most of the day :))

All in all we had fun!! We met up with old friends and made some new ones!!

I've been inspired and I'm ready to melt glass and get creating.

Chat soon.......

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