Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Update.......

It's chaotic but I'm having fun. A word I'd never thought I would use in a huge move like this but fun is definitely being had.

This mornings market at the school went well. A lesson learned : Little girls like pink not blue. LOL. But we sold all our crowns. Okay, I'm sucker. I gave two away. Those little faces, my heart almost broke. It's me, it's something I do. And I have photo's I just need to fish the camera out of the car. Even got a weird shot of Josh in front of Barney. Wait till he sees that one. LOL

As soon as we could we left the school and rushed home. Our gardner had already been frantically emptying out the wendyhouse/toolshed. Which was a good start. Hubby then rushed out and rented a trailer. Let's all pray my bearings on my car survive this weekend. I swear that poor little Fiesta was not made to tow trailers. We piled the curtains in the car, some boxes, loaded the trailer and added a golden retriever to the mix. Yep, Pan came along with. She stuck by my side the whole time at the house but when we ventured into the garden you could just see her little doggy face light up. Cannot wait for the other three to see the new place.

Brad and I stayed at the new place putting up curtains. I felt at peace. The world had been lifted from my shoulders and the view........................I'm in heaven!!! This is what we need. To step back a bit from the rat race. To find ourselves and Mother Nature. The boys seem happy too and not as clingy which is never bad.

Now as to what the kitties are going to think is another story. Nothing I'm sure some bribery and corruption won't help fix. How do I say 'Tuna' and loads of it.

Another fun story. As we had to resort to taped curtains we had to sort out from our old ones etc. We get all the net curtains up. One hiccup, we misjudged the one kitchen window but that's an easy fix. We then get to the curtains, and I hear my sister say to hubby something about contrasting colours and working something out. My plan for our bedroom fell apart. LOL. The curtains were just way too short in width. It was quite funny. This evening resulted in a frantic hunt for neutral bedroom curtains. We eventually found some.............and the bonus is, I finally found gowns for the boys on sale. Woohooooo!! And hubby found them some long sleeve shirts at good price too. As the place we were at also sells perfumes. I never really try out testers, but thought what the hell - and I spritzed some Vera Wang on - I'm in looooooove!!!! It's divine!!!!!!!!! Okay, buy those pendants people, I need some Vera Wang for when I'm dressed like a 'slumpadink'. LOL

As you can tell I'm very relaxed. This move was most definitely the right thing to do. Why did it take so long. I have no idea. But I'm glad the Universe gave us a kick in the A$$.

Photo's coming soon.

Love and hugs

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