Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On my mind : Tuesday 17th


While I am trying to wrap glass around my mind I thought I'd get this off my mind so long.

In the past two weeks along the road I travel to take Josh to nursery school, I have seen a couple of Taxis being extremely aggressive and going out of their way to cause accidents. The one this morning nearly resulted in a pile up. I'd have been in the middle of that. Last week it was a young white woman who was targeted and today a truck with building supplies. Once we all managed to get around the two having a good go at each other, these two then can flying up the road at dangerous speeds. There is nothing to be done. The traffic officers don't seem to patrol this section as much as they used to.

It then happened I was in the intersection waiting to turn right. A different taxi this time comes up on my left and cuts in front of me as he does not want to sit in a queue and wait his turn. I've figured it's not worth arguing with them because they can be rather violent.

I'm wondering if our 'what can I do attitude' due to a 'real fear' is just letting these guys run amuck all over us. They rule the roads with their own road rules. I have more than once seen them in peak hour traffic go into oncoming traffic because they refuse to sit in traffic. Putting lives at risk of those in the other lanes.

Where are the traffic officers???????????

Comments by the ANC Youth League

And these just make you proud to be a South African. NOT!!!

Threatning to take up arms and kill for Jacob Zuma. WTF!!!

The courts need to decide if he is guilty or not with the evidence given to them. Not have groups threatning such type of action. Our leaders need to step up to the plate and do the responsible thing. These sort of comments should not be tolerated.

It's moments like these that make my beach hut on an idyllic island so much more appealing!!!

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